Gender and Politics in the media

Coverage of female politicians focuses on personality, males on issues. Expecting ‘sisterhood’ misses more problematic ‘boys club’.

News coverage of female politicians focuses on personality, males on the issues Science Codex …A recent study from a special mini symposium in Political Research Quarterly (a SAGE Journal) finds that news coverage of female politicians focuses more on character traits and less on their policy arguments than it does for their male counterparts.

“There is clear variation across [poltical] races in terms of the focus of news stories,” stated study authors Johanna Dunaway, Regina G. Lawrence, Melody Rose, and Christopher R. Weber. “In line with the previous OKliterature and our own expectations, on the whole, races with female candidates are more likely to feature trait stories than male versus male races.”

Dunaway et. al collected data from approximately 10,000 newspaper articles covering statewide elections (Senate and gubernatorial races) in the 2006 and 2008 elections across the US.They found that for male-only election coverage, the stories focused on character traits 6% of the time and the issues 55.5% of the time, for male-female races, the articles focused on traits 10.8% of the time and the issues 53.1% of the time, and for female-only elections, the stories focused on character traits 9.4% of the time and on the issues 51.7% of the time.

Thomson Reuters offers course for journalists on women’s issues Journalists worldwide can apply for this course in London.

TrustMedia, a Thomson Reuters Foundation service, is offering a course on women’s issues, to be held Dec 2 – 6.

The course will cover themes including: choosing the best angle for your story; getting women to speak up; presentation skills and writing for greater impact; storytelling; ethics and fact-checking; conveying a local (or national) story for a global audience; and critical assessment of women’s issues coverage in the global media and safety for female journalists.

Applicants must have two years of professional experience as journalists or as regular contributors to broadcast or print media. They must show a strong interest in women’s issues and a commitment to journalism in their host countries.

Moot calls for delivering rights in a gender-sensitive manner Pakistan Daily Times LAHORE: Speakers at a national consultation on women issues have stressed on the need to sensitise government for delivering rights in a gender sensitive manner, while increasing the number of women in leading positions in all sectors, especially …

Expectations of the ‘sisterhood’ in politics miss more problematic ‘boys club’ Women’s Agenda When we discuss gender in politics we focus a lot on women. But given women account for just under a quarter of all federal politicians, we’re better off discussing the men – and the continued role of the boys club.

In analysing what led to our first female prime minister’s demise, we can forget that parliament has always been a boys club. It is a schoolyard of men who hurl insults in public and private at one another. Immaturity at its best.

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