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Afghanistan’s Helmand province top female police officer shot dead. Ex-Taliban Official Vows to Protect Afghan Women.


2nd Lieutenant Isla Bibi, right, was the commander of Helmand’s 32 female police officers Photo: Majid Saeedi

Helmand’s top female police officer shot dead most senior female police office in Afghanistan’s Helmand province, a symbol of improving women’s rights as the Taliban were kept at bay, has been shot dead.

Lieutenant Islam Bibi, who had survived family criticism and death threats from her own brother, was gunned down as she left her home on Thursday morning.

Her long struggle to work outside the home was typical of many women in conservative, rural areas of Afghanistan.

Omar Zwaak, spokesman for the governor of Helmand, said Lt Bibi had been attacked as she rode on a motorbike alongside her son-in-law in Lashkar Gah, the provincial capital.

Both were hit by bullets.

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