Gender and Politics in the media

Politics ‘gender gap’ still exists according to university research. US: Red-state women will transform America


Male chauvinism behind women having less knowledge on politics than men … Business Standard The study also discovered that gender gaps in political knowledge tend to be even wider in so called ‘advanced’ economies such as the United Kingdom and United States than in less advanced economies such as Colombia.

“The fact that throughout the whole world women know less about politics than men and that this is as true for people in Norway as it is in Colombia is really very surprising,” Professor Curran said.

In this study, researchers surveyed men and women’s knowledge of domestic and international news as well as current affairs in Australia, Canada, Colombia, Greece, Italy, Japan, Korea, Norway, the UK and the US. Exploring the reasons for the gender gap researchers examined both the content of news and the supply of news in all ten nations. Findings reveal:

News coverage is heavily weighted toward male sources even in countries such as the UK and Australia where gender equality ratings are relatively high. Overall, women are only interviewed or cited in 30 per cent of TV news stories in the ten nations.

In all ten countries, female sources tend only to appear in longer news items or articles and are preferred for soft news topics such as family, lifestyle and culture.

“Such under-representation and topical bias of women in news media may curb women’s motivation to acquire political knowledge actively, and discourage them from political participation, and even prevent women from engaging in citizens in a democratic society,” co-researcher Professor Kaori Hayashi suggested.

Politics ‘gender gap’ still exists according to university research Women still know less about politics than men almost 100 years after winning the vote, according to a study. It says there is an “unmistakeable gender gap” in political awareness all over the world despite the example of leaders such as Margaret …

2016: The women’s election Reuters Blogs (blog) The 2016 election is likely to be dominated by women’s issues. When the Coen Brothers set their movie “No Country for Old Men” in the high desert of West Texas, they could not have imagined their title would become an election slogan. The proposed new …

Red-state women will transform America Salon Even as women’s votes were credited with reelecting President Obama on the national level, statehouse Republicans are restricting their rights. So national feminists and Democrats have got to turn their attention to these red states, along with purple …

Whatever, Voting for Anthony Weiner Doesn’t Make You a ‘Bad Feminist’ Jezebel There are plenty of good reasons to vote for Quinn and not for Weiner, but they’re not because it’s unfeminist to side with a man who was the cause of embarrassment on behalf of himself and a few other women, including his whose own very feminist wife …

UN chief hails Iceland’s contribution to gender parity, international justice UN News Centre Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today commended Iceland for its contributions to the international community in such critical areas as international criminal justice, gender equality and regulation of the use of the world’s oceans. “We have …

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