Gender and Politics in the media

UK: ‘It’s men running the show’, says Harriet Harman. Public sector austerity measures hitting women hardest.

Ms Harman said the inequality in sports would damage the UK’s chances of producing more female Olympic winners such as gold medallist Jessica Ennis Photo: BBC/GETTY


‘It’s men running the show’, says Harriet Harman Labour MP Harriet Harman said the lack of female sports broadcasters and players is “woeful” and called for government action.She criticised the inequality in funding for male and female sports and demanded equal prize money for men and women in sporting competitions.

The Deputy Leader of the Labour Party told the Daily Mirror: “There’s an entrenched pattern of inequality that is more suited to the 1950s than the 21st century.”There are now a few women broadcasters but the journalists are overwhelmingly men. At every level – both about communicating sport and making the decisions about sport – it’s men running the show. It’s woeful.

“The Government doesn’t have a coherent strategy for sport in schools, let alone for girls sport in schools and they need to get a grip on it.”

Speech to the Resolution Foundation on childcare and women’s employment … Labour Party When Yvette Cooper came to Birmingham recently to speak to a women’s policy event, she made a powerful speech. She talked about the risks for her daughters – and mine – that the progress of her grand-mother and mother’s generation either stalls or …

Public sector austerity measures hitting women hardest The Guardian The numbers were brought to light after Liberal Democrat peer Lord Oakeshott raised the issue of female employment in the public sector through a parliamentary question. His question was referred to the ONS, which replied that it was “not able to …

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