Gender and Politics in the media

In Turkey Women’s Issues Simmer in the Background. US: Texas Men Explain Why They Are Joining The Abortion Fight.

Record for women in cabinet The Australian  (Subscription required)  “It is good to see more women being promoted into cabinet and the ministry and indeed I think it’s over two decades since ministerial responsibility for women’s issues has been in cabinet,” she said. Author and feminist Jane Caro, who is behind the …

Michaelia Cash’s attack: Coalition women take nastiness to a new low The Guardian Last week’s extraordinary attack on finance minister and senate leader Penny Wong by Liberal senator Michaelia Cash raises a number of questions that all women should consider in light of Julia Gillard’s removal from high office. Cash’s tirade was …

In Turkey Women’s Issues Simmer in the Background Women’s eNews Women have often been the face of anti-government protests taking place in Turkey over the past month. Clues to gender tensions come from headlines about a rape case involving police, government condemnation of abortion and more women in the work …


MICHAEL COOK. Photo by Think Progress


Women’s Rights Are Human Rights: Texas Men Explain Why So Many Are Joining The Fight ThinkProgress …ThinkProgress spoke with over a half-dozen men at the rally about what it meant for them to be there and the importance of women’s rights being a universal issue. Here’s what they told us:

PHIL PERKINS: “They may pass it, but I’ll still protest it. And when they pass it, I’ll keep protesting it. Inside that building there are a lot of men working against women. I’m just representing all the men that are outside this building that support women.”

BILL LAMBERT: “I drove all the way from Houston. I want society to be better than it is today and I wouldn’t have the right to hope for such a thing if women were still not fully emancipated and equal partners in that process. They hold up half the sky.”

TED KRAUSE: “Women’s healthcare does not belong in politics. I’m a father of two girls and I have to protect their healthcare rights and their ability to control decisions about their body. I don’t think politics should be determining how a woman has access to her healthcare.” Photo: Think Progress


GOP Outreach Wall Street Journal (Subscription required)  “We recognize that America needs more women involved in political leadership,” said Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus at an event last week, “to show our commitment as a party to developing better relationships with women voters.”.

Fight for equal rights for women far from over, says Bar Council The Malaysian Insider “Enacting specific anti-gender discrimination legislation would go a long way towards promoting and protecting gender equality in Malaysia,” Leong said. “The government should consider addressing the other concerns of the Elimination of Discrimination …

Election system no obstacle to encourage women’s participation Upreti 4 min

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