Gender and Politics in the media

Research: Boys with sisters more likely to be Republicans. Fatherhood, Manhood, and Having It All. On a soapbox for women in science.

Poll: Sexes fare equally on looks, electability Politico American University professor Jennifer Lawless, the director of the university’s Women & Politics Institute, and George Washington University professor Danny Hayes have looked into the subject of female politicians and appearance and concluded that it …

Credit: Rafe Swan / Getty Images

Why boys with sisters are more likely to be Republicans Pew Research Center Interesting things happen when little boys grow up with sisters: They are less likely to help mom with housekeeping chores—and they’re more likely to grow up to be Republicans, according to a new paper published in the latest issue of the Journal of Politics (doc).

Young men who were raised with sisters also are more likely to express socially conservative views on attitudes about gender roles, claim authors Andrew Healy and Neil Malhotra.

“Having sisters makes males more politically conservative in terms of their gender role attitudes and their partisanship,” they wrote. “Particularly for gender role attitudes, we find that these political socialization effects persist until respondents are well into adulthood.”

Human Rights and Development Responses to Violence against Women, Study Sudan Vision Human rights and development organizations have made great inroads in addressing violence against women. When human rights workers are deciding what issues to priorities, violations such as rape in the context of armed conflict, or FGM, now figure high …

On a soapbox for women in science The Guardian The Business, Innovation and Skills committee recently called on the government to do more to tackle female under-representation in science, technology, engineering and maths (The girl gap, G2, 27 June). We are delighted to see this issue discussed at …

Female scientists campaign for change in gender inequality in science University of Bristol Soapbox Science, a collaboration between the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) and L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science, aims to eliminate gender inequality in science by raising the profile, and challenging the public’s view, of women and science.

Fatherhood, Manhood, and Having It All The Daily Beast Stay-at-home fathers get a lot of subtle mockery slung their way. Conor P. Williams on why we need to change our views of masculinity and praise caretaker dads. As a dad who is also the primary caretaker for my two-year-old son and three-month-old daughter, I get a lot of unsolicited performance reviews. Even in my liberal Beltway enclave, dads like me face pretty constant, emasculating ridicule for putting fatherhood above career. Most definitions of masculinity can accommodate shirts soaked with sweat, blood, or ambiguous grime … but not applesauce. Very few of history’s notable men counted competent diaper changes among their primary talents. Manhood is decidedly not the province of those who spend their days reading children’s books in various pitches of falsetto.

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