Gender and Politics in the media

US: Book blames men’s demise on women. Majority Of Military Sexual Assault Victims Are Male. GOP Women Aren’t Having It All.

Men on strike? Book blames men’s demise on powerful women.

Majority Of Military Sexual Assault Victims Are Male As the march towards gender equality in the military moves forward, the issue of sexual assault continues to grow. A recent report on the issue shows, however, that while sexual assault is a major issue facing the military, it is actually military men …

Military Must Better Protect Women Wall Street Journal Women’s advocates and members of Congress alike have raised alarms about the military’s repeated pattern of ineptitude at both protecting women from sexual assault and holding offenders accountable. In fact, servicewomen have endured a long history of …

Associated Press

Republican Women Aren’t Having It All The Atlantic Wire The Republican Party is trying to figure out why it has trouble recruiting female candidates. House GOP women will go on a listening tour to recruit other women to run for office, Roll Call‘s Emily Cahn reports, part of an effort to increase their numbers in 2014 that “will also feature a more streamlined and packaged message about why Republican policies are beneficial to women.” While a third of House Democrats are female, only 8 percent of House Republicans are. Why is that? One female Republican consultant has an interesting theory: Republican women have trouble having it all. Roll Call reports:

Conservative women often play the more traditional role as caregivers to their children, and running for and serving in Congress often prohibits them from carrying out those roles, said Angela Faulkner, a GOP direct-mail consultant.

Do We Need Women in Combat? The American Conservative “The Pentagon unveiled plans Tuesday for fully integrating women into front-line and special combat roles, including elite forces such as Army Rangers and Navy SEALs.” So ran the lead on the CNN story. And why are we doing this? Did the young officers…

Shattering stereotypes: Study shows women manage credit better than men Milwaukee Journal Sentinel  The stereotype of women being big spenders, and men being the fiscally conservative gender has inspired plenty of jokes in our society. However, the reality is slightly different from the centuries-long running stereotype: women actually handle certain …


Teresa Piruzza named Minister Responsible for Women’s Issues Upon the resignation of MPP Laurel Broten yesterday, premier Wynne named Piruzza to take on her portfolio as the new Minister Responsible for Women’s issues. The news “came as a surprise” for Piruzza, but she explained in an exclusive telephone …

Non-profit group relaunches campaign for gender neutral national anthem Yahoo! News Canada (blog) The debate about a gender-neutral national anthem has been on hiatus for the past couple of years — at least in the public sphere. But an Ottawa-based non-profit group wants it back on the national agenda. Informed Opinions — a social enterprise …

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