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Texas Statehouse Abortion Showdown. Wendy Davis, feminist super hero

Crowd Chants Let Her Speak in Texas Legislature … 20 sec Crowd Chants Let Her Speak in Texas Legislature During Wendy Davis Filibuster . Andrew …


Wendy Davis abortion filibuster ends in chaotic dispute over midnight vote The Guardian An attempt to block a controversial abortion bill in the Texas state legislature ended in chaos after a day of high procedural drama, led by state senator Wendy Davis and fanned by nationwide support on social media, culminated in a hotly contested vote.

Wendy Davis CHAOS on Senate floor during … 51 sec Wendy Davis, Texas Democrat, Fights Abortion Bill With 13-Hour Filibuster A Democratic state …


Wendy Davis (Credit: AP/Eric Gay)

Wendy Davis, feminist super hero Salon  In a better world, the discussion of sonograms would not be at all germane to proposed new anti-abortion legislation, because the two issues would have nothing to do with one another. But since Texas, like many other states, recently passed a requirement that women get a sonogram before obtaining an abortion, it made perfect sense that state Sen. Wendy Davis would talk about the way SB 5, the state’s proposed new abortion restrictions, might relate to the earlier sonogram law.

Wendy Davis Filibusters To Extend Texas Abortion … In the midst of the insanity and depression that was today’s Voter Registration laws and the news that texas was acting immediately to execute new restrictive laws to who can vote, it’s good to have a positive story. And dammit was this positive.

Today, Texas was to pass a new law that greatly restricts a woman’s ability to get an abortion. That’s where Senator Wendy Davis comes in. In order to prevent the law from passing and extend the voting, she engaged in an excruciating 11-hour filibuster – where she had to speak without eating, drinking, using the restroom or sitting down – that just ended.

And when it was all over, the crowd erupted and has been cheering her name for the last ten minutes, interrupting the senate role call. I can’t overstate how incredible Davis’ actions were today as #StandwithWendy has become a rallying cry. This is truly remarkable and will go down as one of the most important filibusters of our time.

Gallery Filibuster for Sen. Wendy Davis YouTube 30 seconds of the over 10 minutes of gallery cheering to block passage of SB-5.


After 12.5 hour filibuster, Senate Bill 5 is dead Dallas Morning News (blog) After 12.5 hours on her feet without breaks, without drinks of water, Sen. Davis made the rounds to the crowd outside the chamber who erupted into applause. After speaking to the thousands who stuck with her in the gallery and out in the rotunda, Davis …

Don’t mess with Wendy Davis in Texas Washington Post (blog) You want a real Mr. Smith goes to Washington moment? It’s no Mr., and it wasn’t in Washington. It was Tuesday night in Texas, where state senator Wendy Davis attempted a thirteen-hour filibuster to keep SB5, a draconian abortion restriction that would …

Wendy Davis’ filibustering for abortion rights is a brave and great thing The Guardian Wendy Davis is filibustering. She plans to stand for 13 hours without eating, drinking, or using the bathroom. She cannot lean on her podium, and she must stay on-topic, focusing on the bill and related subjects. She’s surrounded by a room of hostile …

10 Crucial Facts About Rape Kits — True Even in Texas Huffington Post Even when women’s endlessly magical bodies and rape are involved. Just when I thought nothing could get more ridiculous than last week’s “masturbating male fetus” rights argument to justify extreme anti-abortion rhetoric, this happened: Conservative …

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