Gender and Politics in the media

US GOP: Strategy for 2016 looks unsettled. Focused on Female Recruits for 2014. My gender does not make me a liberal.

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GOP basic strategy for 2016 looks deeply unsettled Salon President Barack Obama handily defeated Romney among female voters. Yet House Republicans invited new Democratic taunts of a “war against women” this past week by passing the most restrictive abortion measure in years. Republican activists appear …

House GOP Focuses on Female Recruits for 2014 Roll Call Last cycle, 109 Republican women filed federal paperwork to run for the House: 48 won their primaries, including 21 incumbents, and 20 won their elections, according to a study from the Rutgers Center for American Women and Politics. (A post-election …

GOP Women Seek Broader Influence With Policy Committee Roll Call (blog) Renee Ellmers talks about what needs to happen to secure the future of the GOP, she tells a story she heard from a staffer who, while packing up the district campaign office after the 2012 elections, stopped to chat with a passerby. “The woman said, ‘I …

Senate Women Quietly Exert Influence TIME (blog) There are five freshmen female senators, but more importantly women chair or are the top members of 10 of the Senate’s 24 committees, exercising an outsize influence on policy. The trend skews Democratic: 16 of the 20 are Democrats, but two of the four …

Hillary Clinton would like to see a woman U.S. president Edmonton Sun WASHINGTON – Hillary Clinton has fed speculation that she might run for the White House in 2016 by telling an audience in Toronto that she would like to see a woman president in the United States in her lifetime.

“Let me say this, hypothetically speaking, I really do hope that we have a woman president in my lifetime,” Clinton told a private audience in Toronto. “And whether it’s next time or the next time after that, it really depends on women stepping up and subjecting themselves to the political process, which is very difficult.”

Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton addresses the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) meeting in Chicago last week. Her speech was a broad-brush address heralding the power of women and talking education and opportunity. Scott Eisen/AP

Hillary Clinton says she wants America to have a woman president . Surprised? Christian Science Monitor Quoting another former First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt, Clinton said women need Rhinoceros-thick skins to be in politics. She also said electing a woman would require a “leap of faith” for US voters. Some polls have found Americans saying they have no …

Why The GOP Has Lost The Women’s Vote For 2014 and Beyond  Daily Beast Franks and many other elected Republicans like him actually believe, with conviction, that women’s bodies can magically prevent pregnancy from a rape and that women should not be able to make their own health decisions. No spin or talking points will …

GOP slow to learn lessons from last election Black Mountain News Simple, just alienate Hispanics more by rebelling against immigration reform, and then tick off women and reinforce the notion of a war on women by going full bore, nationally, to ban virtually any chance of a woman’s choice on the matter of abortion …

Of Course the Washington Post Uses an Unflattering Image of Michele Bachman … PJ Media This is what liberals do to conservative women, resting assured that they will never ever be accused of waging any wars on women. Even though they wage war on conservative women 24/7/365. The Post cannot claim that it was forced into using an …

Dems Rebrand Minimum Wage, Sick Leave As Women’s Issues To Pressure GOP Huffington Post Of course, tying labor issues to women’s issues only works as a political strategy because it’s based on reality. As a Pew study found early this month, women are increasingly the sole or primary breadwinners in their families — a fact that some …

Conservative columnist: Female soldiers are likely to commit sexual assault … Raw Story Former National Review columnist John Derbyshire blamed women and attorneys for the rise in reported sexual assaults within military ranks in a piece for Taki’s Magazine on Monday, saying female service members were gender “outliers” likely to commit erratic behavior.

“They are eccentric and prone to behave eccentrically,” Derbyshire wrote. “As a designated victim group, they are especially susceptible to the associated pathologies, e.g., victim hoaxes for attention, spite, or cash reward.”

But male soldiers, he argued, are responding to their “widespread, innate male urges” to kill people, and putting them in units with women “in sex proportions much different from 50-50, and walled off from the general population” would lead to “sex-related emotions” like jealousy to develop, which would limit their effectiveness. Placing male officers in command of female soldiers also put a “severe strain” on human nature in his opinion, because women are attracted to “higher-status men.”

My gender does not make me a liberal The Hill (blog) I am a registered Republican. I am a conservative. I have been involved in politics for nearly 10 years, working on campaigns, on the Hill, and now, as a political consultant.  And I have two X chromosomes.

I have never thought of my gender as defining me politically. I am not a Republican because I am a woman or despite the fact that I am a woman. I am a Republican and a conservative because I have thought about the issues and believe that a system of limited government, free-market principles, and personal responsibility is the right path forward for our country.

And so when I hear Democratic politicians and pundits – and MSNBC by extension – rant and rave about the Republican Party’s “War on Women,” I am offended that they think so little of my intelligence and my conviction.

Journal’s Right Wisconsin unveils awards for conservative women The Right Women Awards will be a beacon for Wisconsin conservatives: something for conservative women to aspire to, a celebration of achievement and a call to action for further progress,” Kleefisch said in a press release from Journal Communications.

Associated Press

Jeb Bush’s ‘fertility’ argument: Why conservatives privilege biology over justice Washington Post Jeb Bush, speaking to the Faith and Freedom Coalition, based the “conservative” argument for immigration on the fact that “immigrants are more fertile.”

Oddly enough, Jeb Bush was right, at least about conservatism.  A rigid biological determinism undergirds conservative ideology and politics.  From this extraordinarily revealing remark by Bush that immigration reform should be about the (presumed) fertility of certain groups over others, to women’s rights, to reproductive freedom, and, of course, to marriage equality for LGBT people, biology for conservatives is, in fact, destiny.

Sarah Palin objected to Jeb Bush’s conservative fertility rationale for immigration, noting that Bush had gone into “touchy territory” by talking about “one race’s fertility rate over another.” Good point, but Palin could not stay away from biology completely, undercutting her own argument by adding, “I say this as someone who is kind of fertile herself.”  Why, given her previous statement, would that be relevant?

Wisconsin GOP doesn’t trust women not to lie … Video on Rachel Maddow plays powerful video of Wisconsin State …

Haber’s wife reaches out to potential female voters Newsday (subscription) The wife of Nassau County executive candidate Adam Haber has entered the campaign fray. Renee Haber, a former Mineola teacher and an expert on bullying prevention, announced on Friday that she had formed “Women for Haber,” an outreach program that will target potential female voters.

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