Gender and Politics in the media

UK: First Student Women’s oOfficer in Scotland appointed at Edinburgh College. AU: ‘It’s hard to be a woman in deeply sexist Australia’

First Student Women’s oOfficer in Scotland appointed at Edinburgh College The Edinburgh Reporter Edinburgh College is the first college in Scotland to have a full-time women’s officer after announcing the four students elected as the new Students’ Association leaders for the next 12 months.

Instead of being campus specific, as previously, the four sabbatical posts now focus on student priorities including education, welfare and activities as well as the newly introduced role focusing on issues specifically affecting female students.

‘If we as a society are serious about women achieving full equality, the … Herald Scotland “SCOTLAND is a country rife with gender inequality. Women living here still have less money, less access to employment and to political power, and more experiences of violence than men. It’s in that context that prostitution flourishes; it’s an ugly manifestation of women’s lack of choices and men’s relative wealth and power. That’s why Zero Tolerance welcomes the increased scrutiny of the Edinburgh saunas by police, and hopes that the recent raids of two premises in the city will mark the start of a new approach to policing brothel-keeping in Scotland.


‘It’s hard to be a woman in deeply sexist Australia’ Fraser Coast Chronicle It’s hard to be a woman in Australia these days, torn between distaste for Gillard’s cynical attempts to manipulate female voters and revulsion at the depths of misogyny being plumbed by antediluvian sections of the male population. Never mind whether …

Gender politics is a reflection of reality ABC Online This was at a time when “political correctness” was starting to make an appearance. Back then you would still see letters to the editor suggesting that there was nothing wrong with the phrase “Madam Chairman” or that western civilisation would be on a …

Strong women’s turnout for PNG Local Government elections Radio Australia So what chance do the women have? Women’s rights have been in the spotlight lately in PNG, with stories of sorcery-related murders dominating front pages locally and even internationally. It’s prompted strong debate about women’s rights but is it …

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