Gender and Politics in the media

US: Senate Bathroom to Accomodate More Women Senators. 1st-ever openly gay Hispanic woman judge confirmed. The manly GOP.

Old Guys Rule? No. Bill Clinton says ‘Women Rule SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. (MarketWatch) — OK, so “Old Guys Rule.” Today. But old guys, old thinking, old ideologies are killing the economy, killing us as a world power, dragging us back to their 19th century macho-dominated patriarchy. Time to end “Old Guys Rule.” Time to get new blood, new thinking.

How? More women. In fact, “Women Rule” the future, says Bill Clinton.

…Today, when we move from the world of surfing into the sullied world of politics, “Old Guys Rule (Very Badly)” is more accurate … in Washington where senators and representatives swear allegiance to special-interest lobbyists buying favors for narcissistic billionaires … in Corporate America with its addiction to materialism, to profits, to perpetual growth at all costs … with Wall Street CEOs, private equity and hedge fund managers making tens of millions, while average wages have stagnated under free-market excesses … where high-frequency traders make millions playing games with America’s retirement money in the shadowy $600 trillion global derivatives casino … to Pentagon generals dismissing women senators to protect rapists … to immigrants, education and universal health care getting shortchanged … the list goes on. Yes, “Old Guys Rule (Very Badly).”

Will Questioning The Status Quo Help Women? Forbes It appears to be a behind-the-scenes battle between members of the Senate, and one where the numbers of women in the chamber has had some effect. At the heart of the debate is who in the military should be responsible for deciding which assault cases …

Senate Women’s Bathroom Grows to Accomodate More Women Senators The Mary Sue We reported on the line for the women’s bathroom in the Senate last November after the election, but soon that line will be relieved (as will the Senators), because the women’s bathroom in the Senate is due to be expanded to accomodate more ladies in the Senate than ever before.

As much as we must lampshade the ridiculousness of twenty women being a “hallmark” number of politicians (only 1/5 of the Senate representing the gender identity of over half of the nation’s population),  this is still exciting. A bathroom may seem small, but the fact that the infrastructure of the Senate building is being altered to accomodate increased numbers of women says a lot about the way in which more women are getting into politics at the highest levels of government. They are being acknowledged physically– and that says a lot about increasing mental acknowledgement, too.

Image from

‘A sign of the progress we’re making’: Lady lawmakers to get bathroom … Daily Mail Forget about demolishing that glass ceiling — women in the Senate are finally getting a much-needed update to their bathroom. Female senators have been forced to share a two-stall facility for 20 years, causing lines and headaches. But now that the …

Women of Senate Vow to Continue Fight Against Military Sexual Assault Ms. Magazine Various women in the Senate have vowed to continue the fight against military sexual assault despite Senator Carl Levin’s announcement Tuesday that he would be removing a provision in the defense spending bill that would take sexually violent cases out …

Massachusetts Senate race: Can Republican Gomez … – Yahoo! News Massachusetts Senate race: Can Republican Gomez win over more women voters? Massachusetts Senate candidate Gabriel Gomez faces a gender gap, …

Phila. judge confirmed by US Senate is first-ever openly gay Hispanic female …  The Pennsylvania Record …After the federal legislators cast their voice votes, Quinones Alejandro became known the country over as the first openly gay Hispanic woman ever confirmed to the federal judiciary. The soon-to-be-former Philadelphia Common Pleas Court judge was one of three of President Obama’s nominees confirmed this week to open seats on the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, the other being Berks County Common Pleas Court President Judge Jeffrey Schmehl and U.S. Magistrate Judge Luis Felipe Restrepo.

Home » At TMV » Chisholm First Black Woman In Congress And To Be …  The Moderate Voice For African-Americans and for women, Shirley Chisholm was a true trail blazer. Not only was she the first African-American woman to serve in the House of Representatives, but she in 1972 became the first black Presidential candidate to have her name …

Republicans Pick Female Lawmaker to Manage Abortion Bill Bloomberg The Judiciary Committee’s 20-12 vote to approve the bill “provides the Democrats with an abundance of message opportunities to solidify their very strong position with female voters,” Ross Baker, a political science professor at Rutgers University in…

Dana Milbank: The manly GOP York Daily Record 

WASHINGTON — Ladies and gentlemen, Republicans are again voting on new abortion restrictions. Cue their theme song:

“Men men men men, manly men men men!”

“Men men men men, manly men men men!”

The House Judiciary Committee gathered Wednesday to pass another anti-abortion bill, and the nameplates on the majority side told the story:

Mr. Goodlatte.

Mr. Sensenbrenner.

Mr. Coble.

Mr. Smith.

Mr. Chabot.

Mr. Bachus.

Mr. Issa.

Mr. Forbes.

Mr. King.

Mr. Franks.

In all, the nameplates of 23 misters lined both rows on the GOP side; there isn’t one Republican woman on the panel. The guys muscled through a bill that, should it become law, would upend Roe v. Wade by effectively banning all abortions after 20 weeks.

Man Up! Men Urged to End Abortion’s War on Women Christian Broadcasting Network Now some men say it’s time for males to step up and put an end to these things, to end this war on women. Paul Cole leads the Christian Men’s Network, which specializes in mentoring men. He says many abortions happen because of men who refuse to step …

Clinton: Opportunities for women ‘great unfinished … Video on Former Secretary of State  Hillary Clinton talks about the need to …

GOP’s women problems continue  Video on As Republicans pursue more restrictive abortion legislation …

When women bring home the bacon, they should get a full slice, Obama says San Antonio Business Journal Specifically, he called on Congress to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act, which would limit employers’ defenses for wage disparities between men and women, subject them to possible compensatory or punitive damages, and make it easier to pursue …

Equal Pay Act’s 50th Anniversary Brings Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand And Marie … Huffington Post  Gillibrand also argued that having more women in Congress would force our legislative branch to take the issue of equal pay more seriously. “One of the reasons I’ve been fighting so much for more women in Congress is this is something they believe…

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