Gender and Politics in the media

Muslim women from new angles – a new online exhibition. Saudi women get jail terms for trying to help.

Centre Founds Museum to Document Women’s Role Since 2011 Uprising The museum won best women’s issues project in a United States’ community leaders’ competition in 2012. The centre launched an interactive forum to discuss women’s role in the revolution and the most important issues and problems related to women in …

Afghanistan’s women: Patchy gains under threat The Interpreter In many ways EVAW was a gradual, bottom-up way to provide tools for protecting women’s rights that could slowly gain wider acceptance. Last month, however, a female member of Afghanistan’s parliament attempted to have the law ratified by the parliament …


I Follow the Religion of Love by Dr Fatima Zahra Hassan and The Invisible Muslima by Haafiza Sayed


Muslim women from new angles Khaleej Times Artists in the UAE are calling people to visit a new online exhibition to expose themselves to the plight and success of Muslim women around the world, and challenge common stereotypes.

Artist and University of Sharjah College of Fine Arts and Design lecturer Dr Fatima Zahra Hassan said Emirati women, in particular, should view a new online exhibition ( showcasing the stories of Muslim women from around the world.

“I just feel that women here are not exposed, especially some Emirati women…they’re living in a cocoon…a utopia which is perfect and some don’t know what is happening outside and how women are suffering around the world.”

Saudi women get jail terms for trying to help Canadian FRANCE 24 A Saudi court handed two Saudi women 10-month jail sentences on Saturday for seeking to help a Canadian woman who wanted to leave her Saudi husband with their children, human rights activists said. The court also banned Fawzia al-Ayuni and Wajiha al-Huaider from leaving the kingdom for two years, rights activist Aql al-Bahli said.

Women seek reforms to end inheritance injustices Saudi Gazette Misinterpretations of Shariah laws are preventing Saudi women from benefiting from their legal inheritance. Many women today are robbed of their endowment rights because of cultural norms and tribal customs that go against the teachings of the Holy Qur’an and the Sunnah. Sadly, there are many cases today of women living in poverty after their fathers die because only the men in the family enjoy inheritance and endowment rights. Sometimes even fathers in their will choose to deprive the female children of the endowment.

Aesha, three years later: ‘I’m a very lucky girl … Ann Curry sits down with Aesha, the young Afghan woman …

Politics – no easy walk for women NewsDay Women’s participation in politics remains low due to several bottlenecks hindering efforts to ensure that men and women share 50% representation in the political arena by 2015 in line with the Sadc Protocol on Gender and Development. Report by Phillip …

Give Kenya women bigger role in political parties  The Standard Digital News “Our finding of women representation in the management of political parties was shocking. At the Registrar of Political Parties the story was the same,” the report reads in part. However, it further says there have been several attempts in the country …

Voters Question Candidates on Women’s Rights in Cambodia The Cambodia Daily (subscription) Hundreds of voters came together at Phnom Penh’s Himawari Hotel on Wednesday to ask candidates running in July’s national election what they will do to protect the country’s women and girls and ensure their equal rights. Candidates for Funcinpec and …

Turkish protests rattle Erdogan’s female loyalists There is no sign yet that the prime minister’s response to the Gezi Park protests is costing him female voters. But while his administration can count on female supporters who see his hard-edged ways as a strong, avuncular backing of their religious …

Elite representation The News International Our women are among the most privileged in the world if they belong to upper-middle or upper ruling classes. Mostly it is these women who make it to reserved seats. Do they represent women belonging to the lower classes and those who have no rights or …

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