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Father’s Day round-up: A father’s power-men must talk with kids about domestic violence. Are fathers becoming more involved?

Shown here: the No More lapel pin. (Courtesy of

A father’s power — why men must talk with their kids about domestic violence Fox News There are so many voices talking about domestic violence, but few as important, influential, or effective as a father to his children. Perhaps the greatest gift we can give our children is the ability to have and sustain healthy, mature relationships, built on respect and trust.

I firmly believe that talking about the problem and educating about healthy relationships can reduce the violence and protect our children. And men can have a powerful impact if our children hear directly from us why healthy relationships must be a priority.

Father’s Day 2013: Dads Must Stand Up For Women’s Rights PolicyMic Father’s Day is a good time to honor dads of all backgrounds, particularly those who tirelessly advocate for their kids and their families. But it also offers a moment to reflect on the positive role men can play in women’s lives and the crucial …

Pulse: Are fathers becoming more involved with their kids? CBS News While 40 percent say they are more involved, 35 percent say they are less involved, according to a CBS News poll. Another … Women are more likely to think fathers are more involved today in raising their kids than 20 years ago, while men are more…

Norway becomes first NATO country to draft women into military Himalayan Times Laila Gustavsen, a 38-year-old Labour parliamentarian whose daughter Marta Oedegaarden was a survivor of the 2011 Utoeya island massacre, pauses as she speaks at the parliament building in Oslo March 14, 2012. REUTERS. Norway has been at the …

Norway makes it compulsory for women to join army Irish Independent “Rights and duties should be the same for all,” said Labour politician Laila Gustavsen, a supporter of the bill. “The armed forces need access to the best resources, regardless of gender, and right now mostly men are recruited.” Norway has been at the …

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