Gender and Politics in the media

US: GOP needs its own Margaret Thatcher. America Better Off With Women On Capitol Hill. Hillary Has Wide PA Lead.

Feminists Are Wrong — True Gender Equality Would Be a Nightmare PolicyMic …It has become fashionable of late to preach that our gender identities — those of men and women — are largely created by the society and mainly consist of stereotypes and clichés. While there may certainly be some truth to that, we need to ask ourselves a question: Why do we need to destroy these gender identities? The whole beauty of our society is that men and women are inherently different, not just biologically, but socially and cognitively as well. This constitutes the notion of family.

What would be the society where men were more feminine and women more masculine? It would be a genderless nightmare where there would be no stability and no progress, no love and no art. The fundamental law of physics dictates that positive charge attracts the negative one. By letting men become fragile, emotional and submissive and accepting the culture of women who would be strong, dominant, and promiscuous, we risk creating a society of complete equilibrium, characterised by lack of energy. The state of complete neutrality and lack of motion.

America is Clearly Better Off With Women Leaders On Capitol Hill

America is Clearly Better Off With Women Leaders On Capitol Hill PolicyMic America is Clearly Better Off With Women Leaders On Capitol Hill. In a hearing on sexual assault in the military last week, the seven women on the Senate Armed Services committee pushed the military to finally do something about its sexual assault crisis.

America’s GOP needs its own Margaret Thatcher Fox News According to a Fox News poll of voters exiting from the 2012 elections the majority, 53 percent, were women. And women voted for President Obama (55 percent) over Mitt Romney, the GOP nominee (44 percent). Polls consistently show women who vote …

There is a war on ordinary people and feminists are needed at the front On Line (opinion) With honourable exceptions, the bourgeois media club relegates and distracts from the fact that a full-blooded class war is under way. Ask the women and men in Greece, Spain and Portugal who face Robocop police in defence of their right to basic …

It’s amazing how many women Republicans can insult in just one week AMERICAblog (blog) And then maybe, just maybe, the Dems will realize there’s political ground to be gained not just in kinda, sorta holding the line on women’s issues — equal pay, freedom from discrimination, reproductive freedoms, and protection from rape — but in …

Memo to GOP: How not to win the women’s vote (Commentary) Any gains Republicans may have made with female voters in recent months could well be undone by GOP senators’ rhetoric on the sexual abuse scandal in the military. Some Republicans, including Sens. Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire and Deb Fischer of…

Quinnipiac Poll: Hillary Has Wide PA Lead PoliticsPA The one troubling sign for Clinton, however, is the gender gap in her polling numbers. Among women she has a stellar 64% rating while there is an exact 47% to 47% split between men who are favorable or unfavorable towards her. “Hillary Clinton hasn’t …

There’s good news – and bad news – for today’s … Video on S.E. Cupp breaks down the good and bad news for women …

Not much for GOP to build on in outreach to women … Video on Rachel Maddow reminds viewers of the awkward ” Woman Up and awkward attempts to reach out to women.

GOP abandons pretense, embraces war on women … Video on Rachel Maddow reports on Republican Sen. Saxby Chambliss …

McCain advises women to avoid military Video on Speaking at a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on military

50 years of women’s fight for equal pay MSNBC June marks the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy signing the Equal Pay Act . While we …

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