Gender and Politics in the media

UK: Rapists posting videos of attacks online. Cameron urged to consider reform. Have women made strides since suffrage?

Women ‘fared better than men’ in jobs since recession The number of women in employment since 2008 has increased by more than a quarter of a million, a 1.2pc net rise, while the number of men in work has dropped by 70,000, a 0.4pc net fall, a study of official labour market data has shown. The analysis by …

Economist’s report claims women fared better in downturn Financial Times Women have generally fared better than men in the jobs market in the five years since the start of the downturn, with older women doing best of all, according to a leading labour market economist. John Philpott, director of the Jobs Economist …

Rape victims ‘ terrified ‘ videos of their horrific ordeals posted online … Daily Mail Rape Crisis urges David Cameron to consider reform in order that other Government work on tackling violence against women and girls is not undermined. Professor Clare McGlynn of Durham University, an expert in this area of law, told the charity: ‘The …

Momentum builds to block online child porn after the murder of girl in Wales DW (English) After two child murders, a leading UK government advisor wants action to stop internet users accessing images of child sexual abuse. Iceland has taken the issue to another level. Earlier this year, the government drafted plans to restrict the distribution of all pornography – not just illegal images of child abuse as in Britain, but also adult porn. The fear is that even legal pornography could have a corrupting influence on children. Does pornography have a corrupting influence on children? And should it be banned? (csc)

Have women really made great strides since the suffragettes? The Guardian It seems unthinkable nowadays for women not to have the vote, but even in the 60s we couldn’t get a mortgage without a male guarantor. With all our agonising about too few women in boardrooms, it’s worth remembering just how far we have come.


Gillard has played the feminist card hard in her fight against Tony Abbott … Herald Sun WHEN Simon Crean held his now infamous press conference on March 21 to call for Julia Gillard to resign, he was asked how the execution of a female Prime Minister would play out against the backdrop of Labor’s demonisation of Tony Abbott. After all …

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