Gender and Politics in the media

UK: Woman tells of reasons for suing MP Mike Hancock. “Women need work, work needs women”

Mike Hancock said he intended to clear his name.

Woman tells of reasons for suing MP Mike Hancock BBC News On Monday, he resigned the party whip and said he was stepping down from the Liberal Democrats temporarily while he contested the allegations of sexual assault. The woman, who has launched a High Court civil action against Mr Hancock, told BBC News: …

A week in the life of Jacqui Smith Public Service In the evening, I attend the management board of the Labour Women’s Network – there is still only one woman to every 3.5 men in parliament. LWN provides training and support for female parliamentary candidates – a woman’s place is in the House!

“Women need work, work needs women” bdaily Equalisation of the UK labour force between men and women could generate gains of 10% of GDP by 2030. A report published by the Women’s Business Council, which was established last year, said “while women need work, work also needs women” and …

What Emily Wilding Davison and the suffragettes would get off their backsides … On June 4 1913, Davison’s fatal clash with the King’s horse became an act which is now indelibly written into the history books – as a marker of the extremes to whichwomen were driven in their fight for the right to vote. The very question-mark about …


Conservative UMP Party Chooses a Woman for the Mayoral Race in Paris Day News After winning the confidence and trust of the conservative UMP party with a 58 percent vote, Natalie Kosciusko-Morizet will bear the party’s flag as its candidate for the 2014 mayoral race in Paris. It is a ground breaking choice for the Party…

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