Swedish dads stay home so mum can get back to work. When Women Are Denied Equal Rights, Everyone Is Worse Off.

Corporate Australia needs to lift game on gender diversity: BlackRock The Australian Financial Review Gender equality advocate Helen Conway will address 250 business leaders on Thursday about the need to ensure appropriate gender quotes on boards. Rachel Nickless. Corporate Australia faces growing commercial pressure to lift its game on gender …

Swedish dads stay home so mum can get back to work Khaleej Times And when it comes to what is considered the symbol of gender equality, Sweden’s generous 16-month parental leave that can be taken by either mothers or fathers, women still take the majority of it, claiming 75 percent. When it was introduced in 1974, …

When Women Are Denied Equal Rights, Everyone Is Worse Off Jakarta Globe Indeed, while the country has made some progress toward gender equality since the end of the Suharto area, improvements remain to be made to guarantee equal rights and opportunities for men and women. Indonesia lags behind some of its major Asian …

Equality For Women- An Interview With Jane Griffiths FemaleFirst.co.uk The case for gender equality in the workplace is an on-going debate. According to the BBC, new statistics show that the Europe-wide figure for Women in boardrooms is just 13.7%. The European Union decided to tackle the problem with plans to increase…

Gender equality bill raises biz concerns Crain’s New York Business (blog) While the abortion plank in Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s newly unveiled Women’s Equality Act legislation is likely to attract the fiercest opposition from Republicans and social conservatives, some of the less controversial proposals are already raising …

Kagame Says Africa Needs to Redefine Women’s Emancipation AllAfrica.com The President made the remarks at the weekend while addressing a thematic session on “Driving African Development through Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment” at the fifth Tokyo International Conference for African Development (Ticad).

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