Gender and Politics in the media

UK: It’s time for the Tories to target a new type of female voter. MP Mike Hancock disciplined by Liberal Democrats.


Louise Burfitt-Dons is a Conservative Party Activist on the Candidate’s List.

Louise Burfitt-Dons: It’s time for the Tories to target a new type of female voter Conservative Home Now is the time to set that record straight The majority of conservative voters who happen to bewomen tend to be pragmatic, realistic, family-friendly, perspicacious, and – if you consider putting the needs of their husbands, children or dependent …

Remember Davison with deeds not words Herald Scotland It goes on to dismiss the women’s suffrage movement as “insincere trash”. Yet the huge funerals in London and her native Northumberland demonstrated the depth of support for women’s suffrage. Davison may have been an accidental martyr but she was a …

Portsmouth MP Mike Hancock disciplined by Liberal Democrats BBC News Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has asked the party’s chief whip to invoke disciplinary procedures against Portsmouth South MP Mike Hancock. The party confirmed Mr Hancock had received legal papers of a High Court civil action against him regarding …

Portsmouth Liberal Democrat MP Mike Hancock ‘could be suspended’ BBC News A Liberal Democrat MP could be suspended after an allegation of inappropriate conduct with a constituent. Portsmouth South MP Mike Hancock is being sued in a High Court civil action by a woman who contacted him for help in a neighbour dispute.

MP Mike Hancock could be suspended over sexual assault claim Evening Standard … Liberal Democrats after “serious allegations” were made about his conduct towards a woman. Lib-Dem leader Nick Clegg confirmed he had begun disciplinary proceedings against Mike Hancock in relation to the claims, which the Portsmouth MP denies.

Nick Clegg launches inquiry into MP facing sexual assault claims The Guardian Hancock visited the woman regularly and, in March, even gave her and her son a tour of the parliament and invited them to dine with him in one of the restaurants. During these meetings, the …The statement said: “Following Mike Hancock’s receipt of …

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