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UK: BBC’s historical Suffragettes sitcom ‘Up the Women’. Memo to Jo Swinson: men have body image issues, too.

Suffragette Emily Davison: Feminism’s forgotten hero or middle-aged crank? (CNN) It is one of the most remarkable images of the 20th Century — and no one is watching. As the thoroughbreds stampede around the bend at Britain’s most prestigious horse race, a lone woman darts onto the track. In a shocking instant she is…

What to watch: BBC’s historical Suffragettes sitcom ‘Up the Women’ Hypable “Margaret has been to London and discovered the Women’s Suffrage movement so she decides they need to set up their own movement and The Banbury Intricate Craft Circle becomes the hilariously ineffectual Banbury Intricate Craft Circle Politely Request …

A supporter dressed in Votes for Women colours was at the unveiling of the plaque in April. BBC.

Emily Davison: Votes for women’s Derby Day ‘martyr’ BBC News Davison died from her injuries four days later in Epsom Cottage Hospital, and the suffragettes quickly established her as a martyr for votes for women. A stage-managed funeral procession in London attracted large numbers of spectators. But what drove …

Survey – ‘Women and the Vote’ The Independent I conducted an online survey on from 15th-17th May 2013, which I publicised via social networking, namely Twitter and Facebook. Although it was open to any British woman under the age of 30, it is likely to have a biased demographic 

Women’s suffrage: interview transcript, Alys Cooke, 22, undergraduate student … The Independent AC: I think having a vote makes women equal to men; I think you can’t deny women anything because we’ve been… like, historically women were perceived not able to vote; now that it’s accepted that women can vote, it kind of suggests that actually …

Young women today and their views on suffrage: Street interviews The Independent I spoke to a group of twenty-somethings out on a shopping trip about their views on women’ssuffrage and the importance of voting. Their responses were very disheartening, and highlights a serious disillusionment with voting among young people in Britain.

When did calls for women’s suffrage start in Britain? The Independent The first woman to vote in Britain was Lily Maxwell in 1867, as her name was added by accident to the electoral register, as she possessed the adequate property to be eligible to vote, were she a man (according to the 1832 Great …

Memo to Jo Swinson: men have body image issues, too New Statesman Whatever the merits of her actions, a far more interesting question to consider is why is the campaign only focused on women and girls? According to the government’s own research, the issueof body confidence is linked to a broad range of weight …

I’ve got to stop saying I’m a ‘typical girl’ We started this week off with a very interesting few words from women’s minister Jo Swinson. Parents should stop telling their children they look beautiful, she told me in an interview, because it places too much emphasis on appearance and can lead to …

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