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Feisty academic, rights champion Vina Mazumdar dies in Delhi. Disenfranchising women in Pakistan.

The Middle East: Fighting for Women’s Rights Fair Observer For some women’s rights groups, more concerning is the lack of women in powerful decision-making positions. In Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya, only two women have been appointed to each country’s cabinet, and three women to Yemen’s cabinet. The Syrian…

Feisty academic, rights champion Indian Express As member secretary of the first Committee on the Status of Women in India (1973-1974), Mazumdar wrote the committee’s report ‘Towards Equality’, the first of its kind on the status of Indian women, and a watershed in the fight for women’s rights.

A pioneer of feminist studies in India, Vina was also a strong votary of increased women\’s representation in Parliament and legislature.

Women’s rights activist Vina Mazumdar dies in Delhi IBNLive A strong votary of increased women’s representation in Parliament and legislature, Mazumdar was the secretary of the Committee on the Status of Women in India that brought out the first report on the condition of women in the country, ‘Towards Equality …

Senior UN officials spotlight women’s health rights to accelerate global … UN News Centre “We need – in Governments, legislatures, and public administrations – more people who will lead on these issues,” today said UN Development Programme (UNDP) Administrator, Helen Clark, in her remarks to the third Women Deliver Conference in Kuala…

Disenfranchising women in Pakistan (blog) Not only that women were barred from voting or contesting in parts of Pakistan, they were not even registered as voters in many other parts. In fact, Pakistan counted 11 million fewer women registered voters than men in the recent elections. The …

Afghan women in fight over rights law For some women’s rights activists and female leaders in Afghanistan, the 20-minute debate surrounding the Elimination of Violence Against Women (EVAW) law came as little surprise. Though initial media coverage framed the short debate in terms of …

Women in elections: Contrary to claims, ECP fails to release gender-based data The Express Tribune The delay is adding to the growing belief that women were kept away from a number ofpolling stations across the country. A senior official of the ECP told The Express Tribune that the turnout of women on many combined polling stations remained zero,…

Women’s political participation in Malaysia: What are the barriers? The Malaysian Insider MAY 31 — Out of 222 Malaysian Parliament seats contested in GE13, women were elected only to 24 seats. That positioned us at the second lowest in rank of women’s representation in parliament in South East Asia. Timor-Leste is the highest with 38.5 per …

3 thoughts on “Feisty academic, rights champion Vina Mazumdar dies in Delhi. Disenfranchising women in Pakistan.”

  1. “Vinadee: An Argumentative Indian”
    With passing away of Dr. Vina Mazumdar, our Vinadi the Indian Women’s movement has experienced an irreparable loss. Veenadee personified in her a far sighted and strong willed thinker and forceful speaker and convincing debater who had faith in ‘human goodness’. Her intellectual prowess did not make her ivory tower in her approach towards her colleagues and fellow travelers- academicians, policy makers, researchers and feminist activists. She always remained warm at heart, easy to approach, instant building of rapport, kind and accessible to ‘inarticulate’, ‘less known’ and ‘less influential’ people from remote places, civil and decent with her adversaries, magnanimous in sharing her knowledge and institutional resources as Director of Centre for Women’s Development Studies. Her charm lay in her electrifying persona, always smiling face conveying optimism, down to earth approach, ideologically sharpness, story-telling with witty humour and the most important courage of conviction combined with honesty of purpose. This is what explained her commanding of agenda setting power whether she was in the decision making bodies of UGC, ICSSR, Planning Commission of India and several ministries or outside of them. She could galvanize students, teachers, researchers, women’s organizations, trade unionists, bureaucrats, politicians and law makers into action as she was one of the best ‘argumentative Indians’ produced by ‘women’s studies movement’. She was very good at coining catchy terms such as ‘women’s studies movement’ ‘The Indian psyche defined by binary ‘Ma’ versus “Maal’, dichotomy that worships motherhood and dehumanizes/commodifies the rest of women. Her contemporary powerful men in the Universities, research institutions and ministries called her ‘bulldozer’ while women scholars and practitioners found her the most trustworthy friend and mentor. I worked closely with Veenadee during 1981 for the I Women’s Studies Conference hosted by SNDT Women’s University, in 1985 for preparation of ‘End of the Decade’ alternate country report on Status of Women in India, in 1986 for Research Committee 32’s panel discussion on ‘Ante Natal Sex Selective and Abortions of Female Foetus in India’ for World Sociological Conference and in 1988 for a multi-centric research project on ‘Child Care as an Essential Input for women’s Development’. Prof. Vibhuti Patel

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