Gender and Politics in the media

AU: Author Urges PM Julia Gillard to be More Feminine to Win More Female Votes. ANC voters like ‘stupid women, says former premier

Cuba Boosts Gender Equality and Social Inclusion of Women Prensa Latina Representatives of Cuban civil society and government organizations here today agreed to promote actions to promote gender equality and social inclusion of women on the island. In the second …

In Sierra Leone, Social And Gender Issues Critical To Compact Success Awareness Times Virginia Seitz, Senior Director Social and Gender Analysis at the Millennium Challenge Corporation, USA (MCC) today met with a cross section of civil society and international NGO representatives at the Millennium Challenge Coordinating Unit for Sierra …

First female politician would have been “thrilled” for Gillard Sydney Morning Herald Peter Lyons spoke about his grandmother, the first woman elected to the House of Representatives, at a ceremony in Canberra held 70 years after she was first voted in as a politician. He said the wife of former Prime Minster Joe Lyons and self …

Author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus Urges PM Julia Gillard to … International Business Times AU Because of Australia being a sexist nation, Dr John Gray, the author of famous relationship book Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, has an unsolicited advice for Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard. She must start acting more like a woman for her to win more female votes. Australia will have its federal election on Sept 14, and polls indicate she has weak chances of retaining her post as prime minister.

Women share stories of gender equality The Advocate … Pittaway were four of the five panelists for From the Kitchen Sink to the Cabinet, which was moderated by University of Tasmania lecturer Peter Brett. Picture: Stuart Wilson. GENDER equality has come along way in 70 years, but there is still a way …

ANC voters like ‘stupid women’ Whites or coloureds who vote for the ANC are like women who marry abusive men, former Western Cape premier Peter Marais has said, The Star reported on Friday. Marais, currently vice-president of the Bruin Bemagtigingsbeweging (Brown Empowerment ..

Najib stresses on gender equality The Sun Daily “Last year’s World Economic Forum report puts us (Malaysia) in the bottom quarter of the gender gap index. “Our challenge is to ensure that our economic growth is truly inclusive,” he told the conference, which was attended by more than 2,000 people.

Interview: Terrorism expert on women as suicide … Mia Bloom, with Penn State University’s International Center for Study of Terrorism, talked …

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