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Austerity harder on women – MEP. Do Women’s Sexual Preferences Affect the Way They Vote? China’s Entrenched Gender Gap.

How Do Womens Sexual Preferences Affect the Way They Vote

How Do Women’s Sexual Preferences Affect the Way They Vote? PolicyMic …A Northwestern University sex researcher, J. Michael Bailey, connected women’s more fluid sexuality with women’s openness to same-sex relationships.  He said, “Women probably have the capacity to become sexually interested in and fall in love with their own sex more than men do. They won’t necessarily do it, but they have the capacity.”

That acceptance continues into a greater acceptance of same-sex marriage amongst women than men. Women are more likely than men to believe same-sex relationships would be legal, are morally acceptable, and should be legally allowed to culminate in marriage. This trend is not new, either. Historically, women’s support has been higher than men’s. Furthermore, the difference is not trivial. In May 2012, 56% of women supported legalizing same-sex marriage, as opposed to only 42% of men. If Dr. Bailey is correct, women’s more fluid sexuality contributed to this 14% gender difference in acceptance of same-sex marriage. In that case, it appears female sexuality can have a great political influence, especially considering that 40% of voters would not vote for a candidate who did not share their views on same-sex marriage.

Austerity harder on women – MEP Derry Journal “We looked at a range of issues around gender equality and it was a good opportunity to get an insight into what is being done at a European level. Gender equality is a major issue for lone parents and it was interesting to hear Mikael talk abut the …

Female ministers short of 30 per cent minimum Malay Mail A statement from the Joint Action Group for Gender Equality (JAG) said the appointments fell short of the government’s target of women comprising at least 30 per cent of decision-making positions. There are only two women ministers and five deputy …

A global goal on gender equality, women’s rights and empowerment Reuters AlertNet (blog) The goal on gender equality and women’s empowerment tracked progress on school enrolment, women’s share of paid work, and women’s participation in parliament. It triggered global attention and action. It served to hold governments accountable, mobilize …

Sungyoon Choi

China’s Entrenched Gender Gap New York Times BEIJING — Lately, a stream of rosy media accounts has been telling the world to look to China as a model of gender equality in the workplace. “China Dominates List of Female Billionaires” and “Women in China: the Sky’s the Limit” are some recent …

Gender Equality in Cuba: Is it Real? Havana Times The document, the third installment of a series on 21st Century Cuba, highlights “the progress Cuban women have made towards gender equality since the 1950s and examines whether that progress can be sustained into the future.”[1] It accomplishes its ..

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