Gender and Politics in the media

UK: Jo Swinson uses the F word in Guardian interview. Emily was willing to risk her life for women’s votes.

Labour suspends vote for Falkirk seat until Unite dispute resolved The Guardian Labour has suspended the troubled selection for a parliamentary candidate in Falkirk pending an investigation into whether a senior figure in Unite had been involved in membership irregularities.

The selection of a new candidate was triggered after Eric Joyce, the sitting Labour MP, was involved in a fracas in a Commons bar and subsequently stood down. It has become one of the party’s most fraught selection battles with disputes over whether the selection should be from an all-women’s short list, but also over the way in which the union Unite is alleged to have recruited members in a bid to win the seat for its preferred candidate.

Jo Swinson uses the F word in Guardian interview Liberal Democrat Voice Last week, I said that Liberal Democrats should use the word feminist much more than we do. Women Liberal Democrats has done so much to advance policy on women’s equality over the years and its successor Liberal Democrat Women has a bright future ahead of it.

However, women’s hard won rights are under attack all over the world, whether it’s the disgrace of female genital mutilation practised at home or abroad, domestic violence, employment rights, rape culture or abortion rights. Projects like Everyday Sexism expose a misogyny that is engrained in the country’s  psyche. It’s time that we articulated a liberal and radical message to contribute to cultural change. I think we’ve been too shy about standing up for women’s rights over the years and that has to change.

Launch of Emily Davison play at Morpeth’s Chantry Middle School with (centre) Kate Willoughby who plays Emily seen marching with pupils.

Emily was willing to risk her life for women’s votes Morpeth Herald … Emily Davison is known around the world for what was to be her final protest for women’s rights when she stepped onto the course at the 1913 Epsom Derby and was struck by the King’s horse Anmer. She suffered massive injuries and died four days later in Epsom Hospital. But Miss Willoughby’s play focuses more on Emily the person and her relationship with her mother, family and Northumberland home than on the drama of that fateful race day.

She said: “I was always interested in Emily and I started in about 2009 doing a lot of research on her.

“I came across a letter from Emily’s mother Margaret, which was written after Emily’s Derby protest when she was in hospital. It was so full of love and hurt and she really didn’t understand what had happened. Emily’s mother supported her, but it was difficult for her to keep seeing her daughter coming back to Longhorsley so battered and bruised from force-feeding and protests and then there was this. There was also the fact that Emily had told her mother never to go to her if ever she got into a scrape.

“The heart of the play is the mother and daughter in Northumberland. People forget that, they see only the image of Emily at the Derby.

Harriet Harman Releases Figures Showing A Lack Of Women Aged 50+ On TV Marie Figures released by the deputy Labour leader Harriet Harman have shown that older women are ‘barely visible’ on TV. Harman wrote to the six main UK broadcasters to ask how many women aged 50+ were employed by them, both on screen and behind the …

The way Diane Abbott tells it, men are homophobic, women-hating, porn … The way Diane Abbott tells it, men are homophobic, women-hating, porn-addicted, Viagra-quaffing, Jack Daniels-slurping brutes. When Labour MP Diane Abbott claims British blokes are facing a “crisis of masculinity” she is barking up the wrong trouser leg.

Ukip donor brands women ‘hostile’ for wearing trousers The Guardian Godfrey Bloom, one of the party’s most prominent MEPs, complained in 2004 that women failed to clean properly behind fridges. He said: “I want to deal with women’s issues, because I just don’t think they clean behind the fridge enough. I am going to

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