Gender and Politics in the media

Student Loan Debt-It’s Worse for Women. 6 Women Scientists Snubbed Due to Sexism. Hong Kong unis lack female leadership.

British scientist Rosalind Franklin at work on the microscope.

6 Women Scientists Who Were Snubbed Due to Sexism National Geographic Over the centuries, female researchers have had to work as “volunteer” faculty members, seen credit for significant discoveries they’ve made assigned to male colleagues, and been written out of textbooks.

They typically had paltry resources and fought uphill battles to achieve what they did, only “to have the credit attributed to their husbands or male colleagues,” said Anne Lincoln, a sociologist at Southern Methodist University in Texas, who studies biases against women in the sciences.

Today’s women scientists believe that attitudes have changed, said Laura Hoopes at Pomona College in California, who has written extensively on women in the sciences—”until it hits them in the face.” Bias against female scientists is less overt, but it has not gone away.

Here are six female researchers who did groundbreaking work—and whose names are likely unfamiliar for one reason: because they are women.

Hong Kong universities lack female leadership South China Morning Post  …Professor Fanny Cheung Mui-ching, the first woman pro-vice chancellor of Chinese University, presented stark data at a workshop on women’s leadership, organised by the British Council in Dubai, on the fringes of the Going Global conference.

Women might account for 53 per cent of undergraduate students in Hong Kong, but the higher the academic rank, the sparser they become – 43 per cent of research postgraduates, 34 per cent of faculty members, 4 per cent of deans, and zero vice-chancellors or presidents.

College Debt Has a Female Face Huffington Post Senator Elizabeth Warren has introduced the Bank on Students Loan Fairness Act to stop the fleecing – by canceling the increase and forcing the feds to give students the same rate the big banks pay for their money. The online petition supporting her …

Student Loan Debt — It’s Worse for Women Huffington Post (blog) …Because women are paid less than men are paid after college, student loan repayments make up a larger part of women’s earnings. In 2009, among full-time workers repaying their loans one year after college graduation, just over half of women (53 percent) compared with 39 percent of men were paying more than what we estimate a typical woman or man could reasonably afford to pay toward student loan debt. These numbers have risen in recent years.


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