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Pk: Gunmen kill woman politician. Afg: Hardliners block child marriage, rape bill. Iran: clerics to sanction women Presidential candidates.

Pakistan politician gunned down. Gunmen have killed a Pakistani politician from Imran Khan’s party in the southern port city of Karachi.

Pakistan’s Imran Khan blames rival for killing fellow politician Zohra Hussain The killing of Zohra Hussain, 59, vice president of the women’s wing of Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) in Sindh province, came on the eve of a partial re-run in the southern city of the May 11 election.

Security was tight for Sunday’s re-polling in one constituency following allegations of ballot-stuffing, with troops, police and paramilitary rangers backed up by armoured personnel carriers.

Hussain was targeted by three gunmen on a motorcycle outside her home in an upmarket part of Karachi late Saturday, the latest killing following an bloody election campaign marked by more than 150 violent deaths.

Pakistan: senior female politician shot dead Voice of Russia – UK Edition Pakistan returned to the polls for a partial re-vote on Sunday amid tight security after the gunning-down of the vice-president for the women’s wing of Imran Khan’s Movement for Justice (PTI) party late Saturday. Nobody has claimed the killing. Khan …

IRAN: National conservative clerics move to sanction women from presidential bids
WNN – Women News Network Iran’s ban on female presidential candidates contradicts several articles of the country’s Constitution as well as international law and should be removed, says human rights advocates Amnesty International. Thirty women have registered to stand as candidates for the forthcoming presidential election on June 14, 2013. Women were previously prevented from standing in presidential elections, but there was a chance that the Council could have overturned that situation this time.

Mohammad Yazdi, a clerical member of Iran’s Council of Guardians, a constitutional body responsible for ensuring that legislation adheres to Iran’s Constitution, as interpreted by Iran’s religious scholars and Islamic law, and for vetting presidential candidates has announced that Iranian laws “do not allow women to become presidents”.

Conservative Afghan lawmakers block law protecting women’s freedom, saying it … Washington Post KABUL, Afghanistan — Conservative religious lawmakers in Afghanistan blocked legislation on Saturday aimed at strengthening provisions for women’s freedoms, arguing that parts of it violate Islamic principles and encourage disobedience.

The fierce opposition highlights how tenuous women’s rights remain a dozen years after the ouster of the hard-line Taliban regime, whose strict interpretation of Islam once kept Afghan women virtual prisoners in their homes.

Afghanistan’s hardline religious heads block legislation for women’s rights Irish Independent Conservative religious politicians in Afghanistan yesterday blocked legislation aimed at strengthening provisions for women’s freedoms, arguing that parts of it violate Islamic principles and encourage disobedience.

Afghan women, and sometimes even little girls, are sold or traded to pay family debts. Anja Niedringhause/Associated Press/File

Women’s rights legislation is stymied in Afghanistan Boston Globe KABUL — Afghan women, and sometimes even little girls, are sold or traded to pay family debts.

So-called honor killings are a constant threat to women, especially in the country’s vast rural areas, where even talking to a man who is not a close relative can be perceived as a transgression punishable by death.

Betrothals of girls as young as age 7 are not unknown; in some parts of the country, girls are routinely married at puberty.

The only law that at least attempted to hold families accountable for such treatment is now itself in danger, as the country’s tiny women’s rights movement faces an unenviable decision: leave the law intact despite its flaws or continue to try to present changes to Parliament, where a growing conservative movement could dismantle the protections entirely.

Afghan law to protect women’s rights blocked by opponents The Guardian An Afghan MP has accused her conservative opponents of blocking a law to protect women’s rights saying parts of it violate Islamic principles. The law was enacted in 2009 by presidential decree but Fawzia Koofi wanted to cement it with a parliamentary …

Afghanistan MPs to debate law on women’s rights “There is a lack of assurance that any president of Afghanistan will have any commitment to women’s issues and in particular towards this decree,” Ms Koofi told foreign media. But a number of prominent women’s rights activists believe…

Afghan parliament halts debate on women’s rights law BBC News A debate by Afghan MPs about beefing up a law to prevent violence against women has been halted amid angry scenes. Parliament’s speaker ended the debate after 15 minutes after traditionalists called for the law to be scrapped. A law banning violence

Effort to Strengthen an Afghan Law on Women May Backfire New York Times And now, preserving any protections long-term appears to be in question, as the country’s tiny women’s rights movement faces an unenviable decision: leave intact the only law that attempts to halt such abuses, or continue to present changes to …

Women can’t vote The News International It has been widely reported that women voters were barred from voting in some constituencies of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. At least two written agreements have surfaced wherein the contesting parties’ local leadership agreed to bar women from voting. Although …

Women and vote The News International In the constituency PK-95 of Lower Dir, not a single woman used her right to vote. According to some media reports, the political parties of this area had made an agreement among themselves that prohibited women from polling their vote. The women of …

Barring women from voting The Frontier Post Blindness separates people from things; deafness separates people from people. On May 11th women were not allowed to vote on many polling stations in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf (PTI), Jamaat-i-Islami (JI), Pakistan Muslim …

Minister of Interior Mohamed Ibrahim issued a decision on Saturday to create a violence-against-women department within the ministry. (AFP Photo)

Interior Ministry addresses sexual harassment Daily News Egypt …Mohamed Al-Meleigy, the office head of the deputy minister of interior for human rights, said the establishment of the department was instigated by the country’s growing sexual harassment phenomenon.

“The ministry is an indivisible part of society,” Al-Meleigy said. “We cannot react to the proliferating sexual harassment the society is currently facing.”

Al-Meleigy stated that the department’s responsibility is to receive harassment and rape victims and not delegate officers to arrest the perpetrators; the latter being the job of different departments within the ministry. He added that the department would also be responsible for raising cultural awareness regarding harassment through organising meeting and seminars…

Saudi Arabia has become more tolerant, says woman film-maker in Cannes Ahram OnlineConservative reaction to the movie, as measured on Twitter, remained hostile, but there had been a hugely positive reaction amongst young women, especially those on scholarships abroad, she said in an interview with AFP.

“Conservatives in general, men and women, I think what they want is for women to exist in privacy, they want women to be in a certain way, the way that they know, the way that makes them feel secure and all that,” she said.

But, she argued, “The country is not as it was before, all conservative, there is room now, there is room to bring in art and women’s rights and women’s issues, and people are more tolerant and more accepting. So it is changing.”

Waad Mohammed, the 10-year-old actress who plays the lead role, has had no negative repercussions from the boundary-testing film, Mansour said.

In Nepal, battle for representation The Hindu A CPN-UML lawmaker and leader of the Women’s Caucus on the last CA, Ushakala Rai, told The Hindu that women will reject the election and “launch a struggle” if the parties reduces women’s representation to below 33 per cent. “Women want proportional …

MPs asks Uhuru not to scrap Gender ministry The Star WOMEN MPs have asked President Uhuru to reconsider his decision of scraping the Ministry of Gender. Kenya Women Parliamentary Association has said changing the Gender ministry into a department will undermine issues touching on women. “There is …

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