Gender and Politics in the media

UK: Members call for more female councillors in Gloucestershire. Germany’s Paradox: Family-Friendly Benefits, But Few Kids.

Queen’s Speech: Coalition reaches out to women with pensions and new rights … The Independent Ministers – conscious that the Coalition government is struggling to reach out to female voters – say the social care plans, as well as a shake-up of pensions, will particularly benefit women. A Pensions Bill will overhaul the state pension system by

Elected members call for more female councillors in Gloucestershire This is Gloucestershire That’s the view of county councillors who believe more women should be encouraged to stand for election. Of the 53 seats throughout the authority, only nine councillors are female following last week’s election. Among them, Cheltenham-based councillor …

Rocky road to the top for women in the workforce Women in leadership positions is still a rare occurance in Germany. Why is that? Successful female bosses used an opportunity to meet with the chancellor and tell her just what’s needed.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel bluntly asked the women from the outset to share their experiences. Especially any difficulties they faced when it came to advancing their careers. The discussion at the chancellery was merciless and lively – entrepreneurs, mayors and scientists did not mince their words. One hundred women, who are, or are aiming to be, top in their chosen field, sat in illustrious company with the chancellor. While she controls the government, no woman heads any of Germany’s 30 major companies. So, there is a lot to talk about.

Germany’s Paradox: Family-Friendly Benefits, But Few Kids KERA News German Labour Minister Ursula von der Leyen (at left, shown here with German Chancellor Angela Merkel) has been the main government architect of measures aimed at helping women reconcile careers with having children. Germany is regarded as one of …

Why don’t Iowa voters elect women? Dubuque Telegraph Herald Academic research has also shown that, nationally, women are less likely to consider running for office because of family responsibilities or a perception that they are not qualified. And veteran women politicians also say many voters hold traditional …

GOP’s New Outreach to Women: It’s a Trap The Nation House Republicans are launching their first concerted effort to win back female voters on Tuesday with the Working Families Flexibility Act of 2013, a bill that’s being packaged as a lifeline to working moms across the country. Unfortunately, the …

Conservative Women’s Group Claims Credit In Mark Sanford’s Win BuzzFeed A conservative non-profit that was among the few national groups to back former Governor Mark Sanford, despite his complicated personal life, claimed victory on Tuesday night, and celebrated a $250,000 independent expenditure spent in the final week in …

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