Till Motherhood Gets Easier, I’m Leaning Back. 1st female candidate registers for Iranian elections.

Victory reflects recognition of women’s ability: Jainab Daily Express Kota Kinabalu: The victory and increase in majority votes achieved by women who contested in the just concluded general election is a manifestation and testimony of the credibility and capacity of women in bringing about continuous change. It also …

Until Motherhood Gets Easier, I’m Leaning Back Reuters AlertNet Gender equality isn’t an item for a working mom’s long to-do list. It is the responsibility of society, and we as a populace must organize to demand it. Until then, tired mothers and caregivers shouldn’t be pushed to work any harder.

Fighting for women and justice where both get pushed aside Deutsche Welle As Cambodia’s most visible female politician, Mu Sochua is a leader in the fight for democratic reform and women’s rights, although both issues are looked at with skepticism in this male-dominated society. When the topic turns to women’s issues, a new …

1 min As political parties in Pakistan start to wrap up their campaigns in preparation for the May 11 …

First female candidate registers for Iranian elections http://www.worldbulletin.net The Iranian Constitution has not explicitly banned women from the post of presidency. Naturally, if Omidvar wins the elections, she will become the first ever female president of Islamic Republic of Iran. Official registration of candidates for Iran’s …

Azerbaijan, Baku, May 8. Trend F. Karimov.

First female candidate registered for Iranian presidential elections Trend.az Naturally, if Omidvar wins the elections, she will become the first ever female president of Islamic Republic of Iran. Official registration of candidates for Iran’s upcoming presidential elections started on May 7, and will last until May 11. From May …

Rhetoric and reality in election campaign PakistanToday.com.pk There are 60 reserved seats for women in the National Assembly and 128 women reserved seats in four provincial assemblies. Women can contest on general seats as well. Over thirty women are contesting for National Assembly elections. The number of …

Slain Benazir Bhutto at heart of PPP election campaign BBC News At the Bhutto family home in Naudero, Larkana, the mood in the run-up to Pakistan’s elections is subdued. In one of the back rooms sits a woman with spectacles and a white shawl wrapped around her head. Surrounded by dozens of women workers, she is …

Civic duty: NGOs striving hard to lure women to polling booths The Express Tribune Experts and organisations working to increase awareness among women voters claim the increasing number of attacks on political parties will affect the turnout of female voters in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (Fata).

Women Voters’ Influence In Pakistan’s Election Huffington Post Women Voters’ Influence In Pakistan’s Election. Fears over security concerns around Pakistan’s election on May 11th rose after letters circulated warning men to not allow their wives, sisters and daughters to polling stations. What does this mean for …

Voter enthusiasm highest in the last 35 years The Hindu The gender gap in voting was narrowed significantly in this election with 70.1 per cent of women voters exercising their franchise compared with 71.84 male voters. The percentage of polling by male and female voters in 2008 Assembly elections was 66.33 …

Partners Join to advance gender equality and women’s leadership in Armenia Public Radio of Armenia The Center will develop a new curriculum in women and gender studies, promote career advancement for women university graduates, conduct outreach activities, and advance public policy research on issues related to gender equality and women’s …

Dude looks like a lady Daily News Egypt …He then comments on how, as a man, he never has to worry about these things. “I walk in the street without a care in the world,” said Waleed. “However, when I became a woman, walking in the street alone demanded tremendous effort, mentally and physically… as if women are always surrounded. There are eyes everywhere, in the front and back, right and left, and you have to pay attention to a lot of things. No one is capable of paying attention to all these things when they are just going for a walk.”

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