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UK: Cameron woos women voters. Taxi fares raise ‘could put women at risk’. Why it’s tougher to be a mum in Britain.

Wooing voters: David Cameron meets Carrie Longton (pink jumper) with 6-week-old daughter Amelia and Justine Roberts, the founders of mumsnet, for an online chat with mums of Britain.

Cameron woos women voters… by unveiling measures to help those who stay at home to care for children or parents Daily Mail David Cameron will try to win back the female vote tomorrow with measures in the Queen’s Speech to help ‘sandwich generation’ women who care for their children and parents. The new legislative programme will include flagship Bills on pensions and social care, which ministers say are weighted towards helping women. A new flat-rate pension will stop women losing out in retirement after taking time out to bring up their children.

Welsh Lib Dem leader Kirsty Williams hints at MP ambitions WalesOnline Welsh Liberal Democrat leader Kirsty Williams has hinted she may consider a future run for a Westminster seat when her children are older. The first female Assembly party leader appears in the cover-story of the Lib Dem’s in-house magazine in an

What next for postgraduate students? The Guardian What also worries many participants is the report’s finding that women are much less likely than men to go on to postgraduate study. Although 55% of undergraduates are women, more men progress to higher degrees, with their rate of progression to research degrees about twice that of women.

The roundtable became particularly heated on this issue. Was it to do with women’s aspirations, society’s attitude towards women’s education, or the culture of a predominantly male academic profession? “There may be an element in universities of selecting people rather like yourself,” was one suggestion. Another was that women were put off by the demands of an academic career. “To be really successful at the high end you are required to be heroic in terms of hours of work. If you also aspire to have a family and to be a major care-giver, that’s not very helpful.” An alternative view was: “It has nothing to do with women’s aspirations and more to do with glass ceilings.”

Taxi fares raise ‘could put women at risk’ Edinburgh Evening News PRICE hikes on late-night taxi fares have been blasted as ­irresponsible as it could lead to more women walking home when they are “at their most vulnerable”. Kezia Dugdale, Labour MSP for Edinburgh and the ­Lothians, criticised the “party tariff” which could see fares start at £4.60, saying it would put women at risk.

Why it’s tougher to be a mum in Britain than most of Europe The Independent British women are also under-represented in government compared with many countries around the world, claims the charity – just 17.5 per cent of Prime Minister David Cameron’s ministers are female, a rate lagging behind dozens of nations including …

Britain only 23rd best place to be a mum according to annual Save The Children … High death rates, poverty and fewer women in Parliament mean Britain is just the 23rd best place in the world to become a mother. The UK is trailing behind Slovenia, Greece and Estonia – despite Prime Minister David Cameron vowing to make us the “most …

Tony Abbott must revisit his parental leave plan The Australian It was suggested Mr Abbott’s scheme may help to soften his image with female voters. Julia Gillard’s ill-judged misogyny speech was certainly designed to reinforce a perceived gender gap. But Mr Abbott need not have worried. The Prime Minister’s speech …

Mark Sanford scours streets looking for a ‘woman who hates me’ as polls show … Daily Mail Former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford scoured the streets of Summerville this weekend in search of women who ‘hate’ him in a last-ditch effort to improve his standing among female voters ahead of Tuesday’s election. As Sanford set out on his …

Women upset with Sen. McConnell gun vote protest at his Louisville office … The Republic LOUISVILLE, Kentucky — Protesters in Louisville are criticizing Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell for voting against a bill that would have expanded background checks for gun sales. A group of about 30 people, mostly women, held signs in front of …

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