Gender and Politics in the media

Jackson Katz TED Talk Should Turn Every Man Into Feminist. BC Election 2013: Women 1/3 Of Liberal, NDP Candidates.

Jackson Katz TED Video Clip Should Turn Every Man Into Feminist PolicyMic Katz, a white male, starts off his talk by noting that women have been doing anti-sexist work for decades, and that he is “indebted to the leadership of women.” It’s unfortunate, but his message may have a bigger impact because he is a male. I encourage you to watch and share this video; it’s powerful and accessible. It integrates feminist ideas about privilege and equality into a larger cultural narrative about the immorality of abuse.

LIVE: UKIP triumph in council elections The Times (subscription) 1812 A significant rise in support from women helps to explain UKIP’s abrupt electoral emergence, writes Nico Hines. Polling suggests that the party’s all-male support may be diversifying. “It used to be heavily more male than female. Recent gains have …

Time for a small smile of optimism for women at the Royal Society? The Guardian It can’t be more than a trickle because the percentage of women reaching the highest levels of science in both academia and industry, from which elections are made, remains depressingly low. A recent study by the London Mathematical Society showed that ..

The Conservatives have lost control of two English local authorities as the UK … Birmingham Mail And Nigel Farage’s party also made inroads in the council elections, becoming the second largest party in Lincolnshire as the Conservatives lost control of the authority. Under-50 breast cancer figures rise. The number of women under the age of 50 who …

BC Election 2013: Women Make One Third Of Liberal, NDP Candidates Huffington Post Canada Elizabeth Rosenau, who’s running for the NDP in the May 14 election, is the second female candidate. But Rosenau, a 55-year-old pharmacist who is running in a provincial campaign for the first time, still represents the minority of the candidates …

Christy’s gender gap? The Province As early as last week, the divide stood at a commanding 19 points (48 per cent of female voters saying they will vote NDP compared to 29 per cent who said they will vote Liberal). By comparison, a poll taken right before the May 2009 election showed a …

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