UK: Cable attacks ‘prejudice’ against stay at home moms. US: NRA’s new women’s channel: ‘Armed and Fabulous’.

Vince Cable attacks ‘prejudice’ against stay at home mothers The Liberal Democrat Business Secretary said he had “nothing but respect” for women who chose to care for their children full-time rather than return to work. He accepted that it was a “problem” that the tax system failed to recognise the caring duties …

Galway African women declares intention to stand for election next year Galway Advertiser Ms Ogbu signalled her intent to stand for election to City Hall while attending Ireland’s first political campaign school EQUIP, run by Women for Election. The school took place in Athlone last week. Ms Ogbu is one of the first people in Galway to …

A member of the “Pistol Packing Ladies” shooting club, practices at a shooting range outside Fredericksburg, Virginia on April 11, 2013. (Photo by Mladen Antonov/AFP/Getty Images)

The NRA’s new women’s channel: ‘Armed and Fabulous The National Rifle Association re-launched its online NRA Women channel, hoping to boost …

GOP Uses ‘Mommy Blogs’ For New Ad Campaign – Huffington Post Huffington Post The National Republican Congressional Committee launched an online ad campaign on Tuesday that uses local “mommy blogs” to target female voters in 20 Democratic-held districts. The ads, which the NRCC says will be geo-targeted on over 100 popular …

Abortion legislation: ‘very important for women of Ireland’, says Labour’s Bacik Irish Times Labour Senator Ivana Bacik said she hoped the abortion legislation would become law before the summer recess. “That is very important for the women of Ireland and I am really glad we are finally legislating on this important issue,” she said. Labhrás Ó …

Australian science needs more female fellows Australian science needs more female fellows. The Australian Academy of Science must take urgent steps to address the lack of gender equality among its elected fellows, warns Douglas Hilton1. 01 May 2013 …

Government body launches website to facilitate women scientists … Technology (PCST) has taken a lead to facilitate women in scientific communities and to improve visibility of women scientists by maintaining a website and starting a project on collecting data on statistics of women representation in science and …

UAE, UK agree funding to tackle abuse of women 7DAYS …The funding comes ahead of a major conference in London about Somalia on May 7, at which tackling sexual violence will be discussed. The Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative is a top British priority, and is supported by the UAE. The Dhs11.6 million funding – split evenly between the two countries – will provide support to the Somali government, which has pledged to tackle the issue

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