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Mross: After 40 years, is feminism dead? Working to change perception of women in Afghanistan

The chart is from a survey of 500 female business leaders published by Executive Women Australia.

This Chart Shows The Challenge In Getting The Balance Right On Gender Equality Business Insider Australia There’s broad agreement on most of the issues polled, but the chart highlights the acute challenges with getting the balance right between incentives and punishments – carrots and sticks – when it comes to getting companies to take effective action on …

Norwegian Labour Party supports military draft for women IceNews Military duty has long been compulsory for Norwegian men, but the same may soon be true for the country’s women now that the Norwegian Labour Party has approved a measure which would make military service mandatory for all young Norwegians …

BC Conservatives drop candidate for comments about women The B.C. Conservatives have fired another candidate, this time for his comments about women and single mothers, as the deadline approaches for nominating new candidates. Yesterday evening, the party announced they were dropping …

Out-Spent, Out-Numbered, Out-Researched: The Power Of Progressive … Independent Women’s Forum It’s no secret Republicans have a women problem. We’ve read plenty about women voters who supported President Obama 55-44, creating an 11-point gender gap. But we have paid scant attention to the wealth of Progressive women’s organizations that …

Erbe: Saudi film, ‘Wadjda,’ gives hope for women’s rights The Republic It is the first feature-length film directed by a Saudi woman, Haifaa al-Mansour, and the first produced entirely in Saudi Arabia. Its impact will be felt worldwide because its portrayal of one girl’s struggle to own a bicycle has obvious implications for the post-Arab Spring scrimmage by Islamic women to maintain their hard-won rights. Egyptian women, for example, were on the front lines at Tahrir Square. They’ve since been shown the back door by the government they voted to install, setting them back decades….

Mross: After 40 years, is feminism dead?  The Coloradoan Somehow I was unprepared for a male to debate the current state of feminism, but I quickly realized what certainly has always been true: Women’s issues are everyone’s issues. I couldn’t wait to get Erin’s input. My daughter is taking three women’s …

Success stories: Contributing towards women empowerment, every step counts The Express Tribune The platform of the Women Leadership Groups has brought together women from all walks of life, enabling them to focus on women’s issues. Aurat Foundation Chief Operating Officer Naeem Mirza said, “The project contributed towards women’s movement by ..

Working to change perception of women in Afghanistan Roya Mahboob of TIME’s 100 Most Influential People works to change continuing stereotypes.

2 thoughts on “Mross: After 40 years, is feminism dead? Working to change perception of women in Afghanistan”

  1. If “Naming and Shaming” is a valid tactic to achieve gender equality, then it’s a valid tactic for achieving gender equality. If It’s a good idea to use this tactic against business with poor records, It’s a good Idea to use this tactic against criminal bigots that self identify as feminists. If you think “Naming and Shaming” is a good tactic, then you are supporting AVFM when they do “Naming and Shaming”. Be careful what you wish for and what you support. If it is a valid and useful tactic, it is a valid and useful tactic, even when used by people you don’t like.

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