Gender and Politics in the media

UK: Cameron brings in more rich white men. Why are Lab’s leading ladies invisible Ed Miliband? Female contribution vital, says O’Rourke

Letwin has been dumped as policy boss, according to reports.

All change at the top: Cameron dumps Letwin and brings in more rich white men There were further changes to the Conservatives’ election machine today, when Oliver Letwin was reportedly dropped as the prime minister’s policy boss, to be replaced by Jo Johnson, Boris Johnson’s brother. The US editor of the Economist, Chris Lockwood, will also join the policy unit.

The move drew bemused smirks from many of those criticising David Cameron for surrounding himself with people who grew up in Eton….His appointment led to criticism on both left and right that Cameron continued to surround himself with highly privileged white men. Tory backbencher Sarah Wollaston told the Telegraph: “In any other walk of life, there would be interviews to find the best person for the job.”

Why are Labour’s leading ladies so invisible Ed Miliband?  When I read over the weekend that Labour leader Ed Miliband is contemplating a reshuffle because he thinks too many of his top team are invisible, I played a little game with myself to see how many of the shadow cabinet I could identify without resorting to Wikipedia. I’m sorry to say what I found was that the vast majority were men. So are the women even more invisible than the men and whose fault is that?

There are 10 women in Labour’s shadow cabinet, out of 26, with two others “attending”. Compare that with the meagre four women David Cameron could muster in his cabinet, and numbers don’t appear to be the primary problem. A roughly equal number of men and women in both cabinet and shadow cabinet would of course be the aim, but perhaps the more immediate concern is the lack of noise Mr Miliband’s women are making.

Why don’t young women stay in politics? Lots of vibrant young women enter UK politics – but only a few of them stand the test of time. Twenty-five year-old Charlotte Henry, a former Liberal Democrat candidate in the May 2010 London Assembly election and political blogger, explores why, just as Labour leader Ed Miliband is cited as looking to promote more female MPs in the shadow cabinet.

Premier Kathleen Wynne relishes being role model for young women Toronto Star Wynne congratulated the council for its nine decades of fighting to have women’s rights and issues recognized, but “unfortunately we still have to fight (and) fortunately you are there doing that.” Wynne explained later that the council is not only

Female contribution vital, says O’Rourke Irish Examiner The very term “gender quotas” has given rise to a “bad aura” about women in politics, according to the former minister, Mary O’Rourke, who has offered to mentor young women who want to contest seats for Fianna Fáil in next year’s local elections. By …

Course for women running for election opens Irish Times The course is aimed at helping women run for election in next year’s local and European elections by coaching them on election strategy, fundraising and working with the media, said Michelle O’Donnell Keating, one of the organisers of the Women for …

Are Pakistani Women Represented? Sharnoff’s Global Views The 1970s witnessed the appointment of the first female elected to the National Assembly; election of the first female Deputy Speaker of National Assembly; appointment of the female Parliamentary Secretary; and election of the female candidate to the ..

BC Conservative candidate calls ‘bull’ over firing A former B.C. Conservative Party candidate who was dropped by the party last week over his comments about women has taken to YouTube to protest with the help of a bull. In the YouTube rant, Popoff appears in a cowboy outfit with a young bull that …

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