Gender and Politics in the media

UK Cons face loss of 1 in 3 women MPs. Independence: Women voters’ ‘Yes’ caution. Rachel Reeves tipped for promotion in reshuffle.

UK Conservatives face loss of one in three women MPs Financial Times (subscription required) … female Tories in marginal seats. Senior Tory women privately admit that they fear the next election will undo many of the gains made in 2010, as the party begins to move on to election footing. Labour’s target list takes in a third of female …

Women ‘pragmatic’ about referendum The Blairgowrie Advertiser Higher levels of uncertainty about the consequences of a Yes vote also appears to be a factor in explaining lower levels of support among female voters, according to ScotCen Social Research. Opinion polls and surveys have shown that women are …

Women are less likely to vote for Scottish independence than men, research has found. Picture: PA











Scottish independence: Women voters’ ‘Yes’ caution Scotsman FIRST Minister Alex Salmond is failing to attract support from female voters ahead of next year’s independence referendum because of a “women problem”, according to new research. Mr Salmond remains “considerably less popular with women” despite his “unparalleled” appeal as First Minister, claims social research body ScotCen. The SNP leader’s confrontational and often aggressive style is among reasons believed to be a turn-off for women, who tend to vote more with their “heads than their hearts”, according to the study.

Indyref poll: women less likely to vote with their hearts Herald Scotland “Women’s responses to questions posing different possible outcomes in terms of the impact of independence on the standard of living suggest that they may be less prepared to vote with their ‘heart’ and may need more convincing on the practicalities.

Salmond off the hook over women not saying Yes Herald Scotland … for independence at 20% among women, compared with 27% among men, while results from some of the major polling groups since February 2013 have found a gender gap of between 1% and 22% in the proportion of people stating they will vote Yes.

Godfrey Bloom, women in the workplace, and the UKIP vote (blog) If UKIP thinks it is the victim of a smear campaign in the run-up to the local elections, then it needs to have a little think about whether the chief smearers hail from UKIP HQ itself, or CCHQ, as Paul Nuttall claimed they did when he appeared on the …

Ed Miliband will promote young female MPs including Rachel Reeves in a reshuffle of the Labour frontbench, party sources have suggested. Photo: REX

Rachel Reeves tipped for promotion in Labour reshuffle Other Labour women tipped for promotion include Emma Reynolds, the shadow Europe minister, Liz Kendall, a health spokesman, and Gloria de Piero, who speaks on home affairs. Meg Hillier, a Labour MP, last week complained that Mr Miliband was not …

Ed Miliband prepares Labour for major autumn reshuffle The Guardian “It is important that the breadth of the party is reflected in the media,” Labour MP Meg Hillier said. “It feels like we are seeing fewer women than sometimes in the past. I don’t think that’s intentional, but we need to hold the feet of the party to …

David Cameron reveals three-pronged Tory strategy for the next General Election WalesOnline David Cameron has revealed the Conservative Party’s strategy for the next General Election in a carefully constructed speech to party members in Swansea. Addressing the Welsh Conservative Conference at the city’s Liberty Stadium, the Prime Minister set …

Lord Ashcroft warns David Cameron he is facing 2015 election defeat The Tory Party’s biggest donor has warned David Cameron he faces defeat at the 2015 election. In a brutally honest account of the PM’s prospects, billionaire businessman Lord Ashcroft said voters still do not believe the Tories are on their side. The …

Sarah Wollaston criticises number of Old Etonians in Government  Mr Johnson, the brother of London Mayor Boris Johnson, been appointed as David Cameron’s new head of policy while Mr Norman has become a member of the Prime Minister’s new policy advisory board. Mr Cameron was educated at Eton…

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