Gender and Politics in the media

UK: Women bearing brunt of labour market challenges. Female Labour Lawmakers: Miliband Keeps Them Off TV. Anna Soubry: I want my successor to be a man.

Female Labour Lawmakers Say Miliband Keeps Them Off TV Businessweek Women in the U.K. opposition Labour Party complained that its leader, Ed Miliband, is keeping them out of the media while Prime Minister David Cameron’s Tories appear to give their fewer female lawmakers more of a voice. A group from the Women’s …

Women bearing the brunt of labour market challenges Women are suffering most due to the impact of the recession on the labour market, according to a report published today by equality campaign organisation the Fawcett Society. The report, “The changing labour market: delivering for women, delivering for growth” set out to evaluate the position of UK women workers since the recession, and found that unemployment among women has risen to a 26-year high while unemployment among men is decreasing.

Anna Soubry arrives at 10 Downing Street after the first major reshuffle of the coalition Government. Photo: PA.

Anna Soubry: I want my successor to be a man The minister has put the subject of women in British politics firmly back on the agenda – just weeks after David Cameron has been accused of surrounding himself with an “old boys” clique. But rather than highlighting the sheer lack of women in top roles, Ms Soubry has suggested female politicians, including herself, are being promoted into weak, “girlie” roles.

The lack of women in politics and around the Cabinet is never far from the news agenda with campaigners calling on David Cameron to do more to promote female MPs.

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