Call for Papers

Call for Proposals for IPSR Special Issue 2015

IPSR is soliciting Special Issue proposals for 2015. Prospective guest editors of a special issue should submit proposals to by 30 September 2013 .

Special issues should be devoted to a theme of general interest to the discipline, relevant across different regions and subfields. They should consist of a substantial Introduction (of c.6000 words) plus five or six articles of a maximum of 8000 words apiece including references and notes that conform to IPSR’s submission criteria.

All proposals should include the following:

1. Outline of theme.

2.Rationale in terms of theoretical significance, timeliness and general interest to the discipline.

3.Abstracts (300 words) of the proposed articles (five or six articles and editorial introduction).

4. Brief (one paragraph) author biographies for authors and editors.

Prospective guest editors will be informed whether their proposal has been accepted by early November. Guest editors will be responsible for ensuring that the articles are submitted online by an agreed deadline (most probably 30 June 2014) in accordance with IPSR’s usual submission guidelines.

The IPSR editors will be responsible for arranging double-blind peer review of the articles.

(.pdf of above text here.)

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