Child marriage blamed for gender inequality. Women are silver bullet to ending extreme poverty. Gender inequality taking Zimbabwe down.

Men needed to advance fight for women’s rights – Annie Lennox TrustLaw Lennox, an award-winning singer-songwriter who shot to global fame in the 1980s with the Eurythmics band, now devotes most of her time to women’s rights campaigning and raising awareness about HIV/AIDS. She decided to become an activist when she …

Child marriage blamed for gender inequality Daily News However, activists and international organisations advocating for better reproductive health services and gender equality have blamed practices of child marriage in the country for perpetuating gender inequality and violation of the rights of women and …

Gender inequality taking Zimbabwe down Nehanda Radio In spite of the growth in numbers of civil society groups pushing for the empowerment of women and gender equality in general, and the political pronouncements by parties in the coalition government on their purported seriousness in dealing with gender …

Gender equality: Women blaze a difficult trail Financial Times After the Kuwaiti parliament in 2005 voted in favour of allowing women to vote, the Islamists, eyeing potential constituents, swiftly flipped their stance, urging them to leave their homes to exercise their right to vote. Kuwait, the world’s fourth …

Women are silver bullet to ending extreme poverty – UNDP head Reuters AlertNet (blog) “The silver bullet is equal rights for women and girls, and that has to figure prominently,” said the former prime minister of New Zealand and the first woman to head the agency. “Just headline GDP growth won’t do it. You have to target poverty, you …

Assurance from political parties sought Himalayan Times KATHMANDU: Election Commission Chief Nilkantha Upreti today urged all women to lobby with political parties to ensure proportional representation of women in the upcoming CA elections. Women have been demanding at least 33 per cent representation …

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The UK Political Studies Association Women and Politics Specialist Group. Resource for researchers working on women and/or gender and for women in the PSA. The 2014 Specialist Group of the Year.
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