Call for Papers

The journal Renewal: Call for Submissions

From Alan Finlayson (Chair, Editorial Board), Ben Jackson (Editor)

Dear Colleagues, 

Would you like to bring your research to the attention of Labour party leaders and policy makers? 

For twenty years the journal Renewal has been at the front and centre of debates and disputes in and around the Labour Party. Nowhere else has so successfully brought together academics, journalists and politicians. Tony Blair, David Miliband, Robin Cook; Polly Toynbee, Jon Harris, Philip Gould: in our pages all these have taken their place alongside leading political scientists and historians, political economists and philosophers, sociologists and geographers. And with their help we haven’t only tracked the debates – we have started them. As Patrick Wintour, political editor of The Guardian has written of Renwal: “On a range of issues, the journal has been ahead of the pack, or has at least displayed an honourable and consistent critique”.

In the next years we want to help renew Labour and social democratic thinking once again. We want to bring new voices, new ideas and new issues to the heart of Labour politics. And above all we want to bring the best of academic research to the attention of our audience of political leaders, opinion formers and party members.

We would like to receive proposals for single articles, symposia and theme issues. These can involve commentary and analysis or the re-presentation of your original research for a non-specialist audience. 

While we expand our online presence and connect the journal to public events promoting political thinking, the journal will remain a printed journal of record, documenting and shaping the next twenty years of debate and dispute. If you would like to be part of that then get in touch with us.

To discuss ideas for articles, symposia and more please contact:

We look forward to hearing from you.

2 thoughts on “The journal Renewal: Call for Submissions”

  1. Any political magazine/blog that seeks to open discussion and ‘recruits’ academics to contribute their research, must be a seeker of truth or is doing one great job as a front. Bravo to your appearance of integrity (I have not heard of you before which is why I use the word ‘appearance’. Not meant as sarcasm, in the least).

  2. Kendall, thanks for taking the time to comment. I hope the editors of the journal also see your comments.

    (PSA Women and Politics forwards such announcements, we are not associated with any publications or conferences advertised here unless we are putting them on or organize a panel or session).

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