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‘Boys Club’ Tumblr Goes Viral. As Italy Picks a President, Some Say It’s Time to Choose a Woman.

All Of These Elite Groups Don’t Have Any Women Business Insider There’s a Tumblr, 100 Percent Men, circulating right now that highlights all the organizations that are led, and have historically been led by only men. Created by Lydia DePillis, a staff writer at the New Republic, the site is meant to bring awareness to how far our society is from true gender equality. DePillis doesn’t offer much commentary, beyond a description at the top of the site: “Corners of the world where women have yet to tread. Shine a light.”

‘Boys Club’ Tumblr Exposing Companies without Female Execs Goes Viral … NewMediaRockstars The Tumblr “Boys Club” has set out to expose major companies that don’t have as much as a single woman holding an executive position. It is just penis as far as the eye can see for these companies, which include Shell Oil, Burger King and the …

German Parliament votes against 40% quota
 Women’s Agenda German MPs have voted 320-277 against implementing binding gender quotas on German company boards, rejecting a law that would have seen Gemany’s largest companies have 40% of their board seats occupied by women by 2023. According to the …

Top Social Democrat slams Merkel as vote on
Europe Online Magazine Berlin (dpa) – A German opposition leader accused Chancellor Merkel on Thursday of being indifferent to women’s issues, as a vote loomed in parliament on whether to set a legal quota for women in top corporate jobs. Frank-Walter Steinmeier, leader in …

Special report: Women today – While the stereotype of the male breadwinner is still alive and well in many people’s minds, the reality is that a growing number of women are earning more than their husbands…

Facebook COO: Gender equality won’t happen unless men speak up Times of India She added that with men at the helm of most large companies, engaging the other 50 percent of the population in the gender debate is the key to gender equality, CNN reports. Sandberg said if 86 percent of the top jobs are held by men and they tend to

Affirmative Action Way to Achieve Gender Equality Women activists attending a public forum yesterday to discuss achieving gender equality and women empowerment said affirmative action was the only way to achieve the goal. The public forum was facilitated by the United Nations to deliberate on issues …

Gender disparity The News International According to the UNDP’s 2010 report, Pakistan ranked 120 in 146 countries in terms of the gender development index (GDI) and 92 out of 94 countries in gender empowerment measurement (GEM) rankings. Gender inequality in education can be measured …

The Iron Lady and gender equality – friend or foe? (blog) Others argue that her time as Prime Minister damaged and materially delayed progress towards gender equality. Gender continues to be a controversial topic in organisations and one in which HR leaders can be movers and shakers. So what is really …

Margaret Thatcher and Feminism RealClearPolitics Left-wing British journalist Fiona Millar asserts that it was the Labor Party, not the conservative Thatcher, that advanced women’s cause by promoting government-mandated paid maternity leave. Yet there is evidence that overly generous “family-friendly …

Conservative women’s group considers anti-Sanford write-in Charleston Post Courier (subscription) A conservative women’s group based in Washington, D.C., is floating the idea of backing a write-in candidate for the 1st Congressional District race to thwart Mark Sanford. One name being floated around is the name of his ex-wife, Jenny Sanford.

As Italy Picks a President, Some Say It’s Time to Choose a Woman New York Times ROME — Italian lawmakers begin voting on Thursday for a successor to President Giorgio Napolitano amid growing debate about electing a woman for the first time in this male-dominated society, and even seemingly strong popular support for the idea.

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