Gender and Politics in the media

UK: Women leaders divided over Thatcher’s legacy. UK on target for female boardroom representation.

Women leaders divided over Thatcher’s legacy AFP OSLO — The first woman democratically elected as head of government in Europe, Margaret Thatcher inspired but also exasperated a generation of women political leaders who today speak of the late “Iron Lady” with mixed feelings. “Did I learn anything from her? No.” Although she paid a customary tribute after Thatcher’s passing, Gro Harlem Brundtland — Norway’s first woman prime minister who took office in 1981 — said her British counterpart was no role model. “I had certainly developed my own style before she became prime minister,” the Labour leader said in a statement emailed to AFP by a spokesman.

Margaret Thatcher, the first woman to become British prime minister, has died at 87 after a stroke, a spokeswoman said Monday, April 8. Known as the “Iron Lady,” Thatcher, as Conservative Party leader, was prime minister from 1979 to 1990. Here she visits British Prime Minister David Cameron at 10 Downing Street in London in June 2010.

UK lawmakers pay tribute to former PM Margaret Thatcher CNN — Margaret Thatcher was “an extraordinary leader and an extraordinary woman,” British Prime Minister David Cameron said in a special session of Parliament Wednesday. He led tributes to Britain’s only female prime minister two days after …

Margaret Thatcher ‘Not A Woman On My Terms’, Says Labour MP Glenda …   Huffington Post UK Margaret Thatcher was condemned for holding sections of society in “brutal contempt” on Wednesday, as Labour MPs attacked the legacy left behind by the former prime minister. David Cameron recalled parliament today in order to give MPs a chance to …

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher gave hope for gender equality … Ghana Broadcasting  Corporation “As a first woman Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, who has not only demonstrated her leadership but has given such as a great hope for many women’s gender equality, gender empowerment that we will owe a great deal to her leadership and I also …

UK on target for female boardroom representation bdaily As of 1st March 2012, women now account for 17.3% of all directorships in the FTSE 100, which is a 10.5% rise from 2010. Women now account for 34% of all board appointments and there are 94 boards with female representation in the FTSE 100. Within the …

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