Reactions to the death of Baroness Thatcher. Media round-up

Reaction links

Live: Thatcher didn’t just lead UK, she saved us, says Cameron Firstpost

Margaret Thatcher dies: live reaction and updates The Guardian (blog)

Live coverage: Margaret Thatcher dead – All the latest reaction and updates

Margaret Thatcher dies: latest reaction

Margaret Thatcher dies: live reaction and updates The Guardian (blog)

Live: Margaret Thatcher dies aged 87 Scottish Daily Record

Margaret Thatcher dies at 87 live blog Manchester Evening News

Other coverage

Margaret Thatcher: ‘Iron Lady’ who changed Britain is no more Economic Times

Margaret Thatcher: A timeline The Independent

Life in pictures: Margaret Thatcher The Independent

Politicians and celebrities take to Twitter to pay tribute to Margaret Thatcher The Independent

Margaret Thatcher: ‘Iron Lady’ who changed Britain Financial Times

The death of Lady Thatcher: is that the end of conviction politics? (blog)

‘A heroine and a hate figure’: Indifference wasn’t an option when it came to Lady Thatcher The Independent

Baroness Thatcher RIP: after all the noise has faded, we will be left with the … (blog)

Margaret Thatcher: An unlikely architect of Welsh devolution BBC News

Margaret Thatcher: A leader revered and reviled the world over Irish Independent

Labour chiefs warn: Do not gloat over Baroness Thatcher’s death

Margaret Thatcher from right-to-buy to the miners’ strike: The key policies The Independent

Margaret Thatcher dead: Former PM’s death hailed as a “great day” for coal miners

Margaret Thatcher: clear choice for the Tories (blog)

Margaret Thatcher changed Iraq, the Soviet Union and the oil industry Quartz

Margaret Thatcher and Liverpool. A look back at some of her visits to Liverpool Liverpool Echo

The Margaret-Denis partnership: The cornerstone of Thatcher’s success The Independent

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