2013 PSA Annual Conference Gender and Politics Papers for Panels I and II

63rd Political Studies Association Annual International Conference
The Party’s Over?
25 – 27 March 2013
City Hall Cardiff

Gender and politics 1: Representation Beyond Westminster: Diversity, Agency and Quotas

Renewal, circulation and permanency of parliamentarian elites from a gender perspective. Methodological trends of measure and applications
Bernabé Aldeguer Cerdá

‘A big job for a big local figure’: Exploring diversity, experience and representation in the 2012 PCC elections
Elizabeth Evans and Kristi Winters

Critical actors in the neighbourhood: women as agents of change?
Sue Regan

Making the business case, female quotas in Business: discourses and logics
Thomas Oliver

Gender and Politics 2: Gender, Representation and Institutions

Corruption and female representation in the European regions
Aksel Sundström and Lena Wängnerud

Gender, party discipline and policy deliberation: an analysis of the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies
Fernanda Ribas

Representation, radicalism and compromise: a discursive approach to state feminism
Fran Amery

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