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European Survey Research Association 2013 Early-Career Researcher award

The European Survey Research Association invites entries to its 2013 Early-Career Researcher award. The competition is intended to recognize excellence in scholarly research by researchers at an early stage in their career in survey research.


ESRA welcomes papers in any field related to survey research, broadly defined, including research on (a) theoretical issues in survey methodology, (b) the use of statistical techniques in the design, adjustment, or analysis of survey data, (c) innovative empirical applications of survey methodology. Papers should contain 6,000 to maximum 9,000 words, references and footnotes included, and will be judged based on the quality of research design, originality, significance, organization, and presentation. The papers are completed versions of paper proposals that are accepted by the conference organisers.


The competition is open to researchers that have completed their PhD not earlier than July 15, 2010, or researchers who started a career in survey research after that date, or students registered at a university. Faculty co-authors are acceptable, with the stipulation that an eligible researcher must be the first author of the paper. Eligibility is limited to those who plan to attend the 2013 ESRA Conference in Ljubljana. Submitted papers may not have been accepted for publication at the point of submission for the prize. It is anticipated that the awarded paper will be published in Survey Research Methods when it fulfils the journal publishing criteria.


The author of the winning paper will be awarded a cash prize of 500 Є.  Additionally, the authors of the winning paper will be awarded a guaranteed spot on the Conference Program to present their paper at the Annual Conference.

Review Committee

The winning paper and honourable mentioned will be selected by a review committee composed of survey researchers who are member of the ESRA board and by an extra external member.

Paper Submission for the 2013 Competition

Please submit your paper by logging in here: ( <> ) and clicking on “Upload/edit full paper” by Sunday, 5 May 24h GMT. The winner will be announced at the conference dinner of the 2013 ESRA Conference in Ljubljana.

On behalf of the Prize Committee,
Jaak Billiet

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