Gender and Politics in the media

UK: David Cameron is worrying about Theresa May. Lib Dems tear into secret courts plan: two top women quit. Mummy Tax. Clegg says Cameron dreaded idea of Maria Hutchings as Con MP for Eastleigh.

David Cameron’s Ambitious Plan To End Female Genital Mutilation Daily Beast “If we can successfully invest in these communities, I think there is every possibility that [Cameron’s] initiative could spread and ultimately end this practice in our lifetime, in the same way that the Chinese tradition of foot-binding did over a 20 …

Tory leadership plots thicken: why David Cameron is worrying about Theresa … (blog) Something’s up. The Times (£) reports today that Theresa May was the victim of a dirty tricks operation at the weekend designed to scupper her nascent leadership campaign. Meanwhile the Independent claims Philip Hammond was “slapped down” by Danny Alexander for airing his dirty laundry about defence cuts. Are these stories related? Let me suggest why they are, and why things might be about to get rather interesting – and fraught.


Nick Clegg says David Cameron was dreading having Maria Hutchings as … (blog) In politics, the best jokes (and by that I mean the most hurtful ones) are the ones that contain a grain of truth. Nothing cuts quite as sharply as honesty. So Nick Clegg’s gag to his Lib Dem spring conference in Brighton today about the Eastleigh by-election had a certain nasty bite to it. In essence, Mr Clegg said that Mr Cameron had been dreading the prospect of Maria Hutchings, the Conservative candidate in Eastleigh, becoming an MP, because her views on Europe, immigration and gay marriage might have made her a regular Tory rebel. “I’ve been asked to pass on the sincere thanks of the Prime Minster,” Mr Clegg told Lib Dem activists who helped defeat Mrs Hutchings in Eastleigh, to delighted applause.

Mummy Tax: David Cameron Under Fire Over Cuts Sky News David Cameron will have a mother’s day card delivered to his door by campaigners for new mums whose benefits are about to be capped. Labour has accused the Government of imposing a “mummy tax” and said the welfare reforms are part of a series of …

Lib Dems tear into secret courts plan:Two top women quit in fury and accuse … Daily Mail Plans for secret courts were resoundingly rejected by Liberal Democrat activists yesterday. In a blow to leader Nick Clegg, they warned the party had ‘lost its soul’ when MPs and peers backed a Commons Bill  for closed legal proceedings last week. Two high-profile woman candidates quit the party in disgust yesterday: Jo Shaw and Dinah Rose QC, who is a human rights barrister.

David Cameron invokes Margaret Thatcher to reject tax cut calls Evening Standard Mr Cameron quoted Lady Thatcher as rejecting further tax cuts “if it meant unsound finance”. In rhetoric that im-plied he is staking out a middle ground, he said there was no “magic money tree”, insisting: “This month’s Budget will be about sticking to…

There is no alternative’: Cameron echoes Maggie to defy calls for increased … Daily Mail David Cameron invoked Margaret Thatcher yesterday as he slapped down calls for increased Government borrowing on the Left and unfunded tax cuts on the Right, insisting there was ‘no magic money tree’. Repeating Baroness Thatcher’s famous economic …

David Cameron Acts Tough In Bronte Country Sky News David Cameron came to Bronte country to talk  about human emotions … or rather the impact on them of these tough economic times. “I know things are tough right now,” he said at the beginning of his big speech on the economy in a smart, modern workshop at the Cinetic Landis factory, heading up hill out of Keighley towards the moors. “Families are struggling with the bills at the end of the month. Some are just a pay cheque away from going into the red. Parents are worried about what the future holds for their children.” Spoken with Bronte-like passion.

Why has women’s minister Jo Swinson disappeared? Since I got in touch with the Liberal Democrat leader on Nick Ferrari’s LBC 97.3 programme last week, I’ve asked repeatedly for an interview with Nick Clegg about the Rennard affair. But I’d really like to speak to the women’s minister, aka Ms Swinson …

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