Gender and Politics in the media

UK: Report shows politics dominated by males. Women and Politics calls for tougher action to change the male profile of politics.

Report shows how politics is dominated by males and how the  Scottish Daily Record POLITICS in Scotland is still a man’s world and not the new dawn promised by devolution. A report shows that far from progressing, our country is sliding back, with the number of female MSPs down by five per cent from Scotland’s first elections in 1999. Research, conducted by Edinburgh University’s Dr Meryl Kenny and Professor Fiona Mackay, paints a bleak picture of a political landscape overpopulated by the “male and pale”. Westminster is even worse. If Britain had the same gender balance as its parliament, only one in five of us would be women….

Dr Meryl Kennedy looks into why there are so few women in politics

Poor Women’s Representation – ‘Shocking But Not Surprising’ – Don’t Blame the Women Huffington Post UK Women’s under representation in Parliament has well and truly hit the headlines: Samantha Cameron isn’t happy about it; job-shares are suggested as the new solution; the Lib Dems face allegations of sexual harassment; and the 2013 Sex and Power Report confirms the ‘shocking’ but not surprising absence of women from public life.

Council leader Rhondda tells of how people couldn’t believe she was female  Scottish Daily Record WHEN Rhondda Geekie was first introduced at events as council leader, people invariably went to shake her husband’s hand. Rhondda said: “They would look either to my husband or a male council official beside me. They thought I couldn’t possibly be leader because I am a woman.” The attitude is hardly surprising given that out of 32 councils, she is the only female leader….

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