Gender and Politics in the media

LSE and TISS to offer research course on gender equality. Commission to assess gender equality.

LSE teams up with TISS to offer research course on gender equality Firstpost The LSE India Scholarships and a major collaborative research programme on gender equality in the country were announced during British Prime Minister David Cameron’s ongoing visit to India. The School has also announced a collaborative research programme on gender equality in India with the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) in Mumbai….They now plan to extend their collaboration with a focus on women’s issues and support a joint programme of research, advocacy and action to create a safe and enabling environment towards achieving gender equality in India.

Commission to assess gender equality New Europe Women’s rights committee MEPs yesterday called on the European Commission to ensure that the current EU legislation on gender equality is properly implemented in all economic sectors and all Member States. They also urged for the adoption of new legislation to fill in existing gaps and in particular, regarding the lack of unisex pricing in insurance services. As rapporteur Zita Gurmai (S&D, HU) stated: “The current crisis cannot be used as an excuse for lower funding or for reducing the scope of this Directive. Gender-based discrimination in the access to and supply of goods and services in both the public and private sectors must be closely monitored and we call on the Commission to present its implementation report in a timely manner.”

Women’s Global Stuggle for Empowerment Pressed by Verveer Bloomberg During almost four years as the first U.S. ambassador for global women’s issues, Melanne Verveer pressed governments around the world on matters ranging from ending child marriages to integrating women into peace efforts. Yet, that diplomatic role hardly prepared her for some personal encounters along the way, such as the day in Nepal when she was taken to meet a woman who went to Saudi Arabia as a housekeeper and was enslaved and beaten by her employer. She had leapt from a balcony in a desperate escape from her tormentor.

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