Gender and Politics in the media

UK: Cameron: ‘Not nearly enough’ women MPs. Will Wikileaks Party will attract female voters? Women shouldn’t settle for Etonians ruling UK

Conservative party candidate Maria Hutchings campaigns for the Eastleigh byelection with the support of David Cameron. Photograph: Getty Images

Tories put women in spotlight in attempt to harness female vote The Guardian One female Conservative MP tells a story about how, in the weeks after the influx of new female Tories into the House of Commons at the last election, some of her male colleagues struggled to tell them apart. Instead they resorted to calling any or all of the new women “Caroline”.

That story, from inside the party’s own parliamentary ranks, reflects the wider suspicion of the Tories among women voters. Although ICM polls for the Guardian fluctuate, the Tories have a longstanding problem with the female vote. This week’s poll shows that Labour has a seven point lead over the Tories among men, but a 26 point one among women.

David Cameron: ‘Not nearly enough’ women MPsThe Guardian The Conservative party, British business and the judiciary need to do more to get women into senior positions, the prime minister has said. David Cameron acknowledged that, despite the increase at the 2010 general election, there were “not nearly enough” female Tory MPs. It was not enough for institutions simply to allow women to compete for jobs, without taking action to overcome other barriers to female success, he said.

Julian Assange: Wikileaks Party will attract female voters Women’s Agenda The nascent WikiLeaks Party will combine a small, centralised leadership with grass roots involvement and will attract many female voters, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has said. Assange, who is living in the Ecuadorian embassy in London to avoid extradition to Sweden to face sexual assault allegations, made the comments in an exclusive interview conducted by John Keane, professor of politics at the University of Sydney for The Conversation.

Conservatives worried by diminishing support among women voters The GuardianThe Tory party was “very, very, very concerned” about women’s votes, he added. “However, there’s no need for Downing Street to panic. It simply needs to keep trying to get the economy right, and get a grip on family policy, because it will be more …

Rachel Johnson: women shouldn’t settle for Etonians ruling UK The Telegraph Rachel Johnson, the sister of London Mayor Boris Johnson, has bemoaned the fact that old Etonians are running the country and the lack of women in senior roles across politics, media and business. Talking last night in a debate at the Oxford Union she said: “In 2013 we don’t have a country that is run by women – [instead it’s run] by old Etonians who have passed through this university reading PPE [philosophy, politics and economics] or history on their way to the highest offices of state to be mayor [referring to her brother, who went to both Eton and Oxford], chief whip and prime minister – and I’m only talking about the old Etonians who were at Oxford.”


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YouGov@YouGov Peter Kellner’s latest commentary on how the politics of gender have bubbled to the surface of political debate:

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