Gender and Politics in the media

UK: Do women really want Ed Miliband to be Prime Minister? US: 21 GOP Vote Against Violence Against Women Act

Impressive: Ed Miliband made a powerful speech at the Labour Party conference last year that shows the Tories not to underestimate him. Photo: Eddie Mulholland

Do women really want Ed Miliband to be Prime Minister?
The latest ICM poll for the Guardian reveals that 51 per cent of women voters would plump for Labour under Mr Miliband, and only 25 per cent for David Cameron’s Conservatives.Men are much more evenly split between the two parties – with 36 per cent supporting Labour and 29 per cent the Tories. So Mr Cameron’s ‘woman problem‘ rears its head again. The undercurrent of sexism (his “calm down, dear” Commons moment – RIP Michael Winner), the relative dearth of women ministers, the child benefit cuts: all are trotted out with monotonous regularity as reasons why the PM just can’t woo women.

Marco Rubio Leads 21 Republicans Who Vote Against Violence Against Women … The Moderate Voice From the Los Angeles Times: Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) said at a news conference following the vote that women across the country would be watching Congress closely as it considered the legislation. “One of the lessons from this election is that …

Meet the 22 Republicans who voted against protecting women from beatings New York Daily News The 22 Senate Republicans who voted against reauthorizing the popular Violence Against Women Act this week include a trio of presidential aspirants, a pair of tea party rookies and the chamber’s most high-ranking GOP members. Democrats were most …

The Role of Women in Peace and Elections – YouTube 22 min We are doing a series of hangouts promoting peace under the Sports 4 Peaceful Elections …

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