Gender and Politics in the media

Academia: Gender in Political Psychology Conference Papers Available Online

2013 New Research on Gender in Political Psychology Conference (click for redirection to original website)

Conference Papers Available:

Research Panel 1: Women as participants

      Discussion Leader: Kathleen Dolan

Erin Cassese – “Opportunity Structure and Sex Differences in the Contribution of Genes and Environments to Political Trust among Young Adults (reviewers Deborah Brooks &  Kathleen Dolan)

Celeste Lay -“The Seat of Tradition?: Gender Gaps in Political Knowledge in Rural America” (reviewers Virginia Sapiro & Jill Greenlee)

Lauren Duncan – The Psychology of Collective Action (reviewers Susan Hansen & Rachel Calogero)

Research Panel 2: Women in Intergroup Contexts

      Discussion Leader: Rose McDermott

Christopher Larimer and Rebecca Hannagan -“Assessing Gender Dynamics in Local Government: Results from a Statewide Field Experiment” (reviewers Kjersten Nelson & Zoe Oxley)

Corrine McConnaughy – “Racial Politics Complicated:The Work of Gendered Race Cues in American Politics” (reviewers Rose McDermott & Mary-Kate Lizotte)

Christina Bejarano -“Unpacking the Gender Gap for Latinos: Analysis of Latino Immigrant Generations” (reviewers Abigail Stewart & Sarah Fulton)

Research Panel 3: Perceptions of Women Candidates

       Discussion Leader: Alice Eagly

Deborah Brooks – “He Runs, She Runs: Gender Stereotypes, Double Standards, and Political Campaigns(Sarah Gershon & Richard Matland)

Monica Schneider & Angie Bos -“The Intersection of Party and Gender Stereotypes in Evaluating Political Candidates” (reviewers Alice Eagly & Heather Ondercin)

Kristin Kanthak & Susan Hansen -“Candidate Traits, Gender Roles, and the 2008 Vote” (reviewers Leonie Huddy & Brian Frederick)

Research Panel 4: Women and Campaigns

    Discussion leader: Richard Matland

Zoe Oxley – “Media Coverage of Women Candidates: Belief Stereotypes and Novelty (reviewers Rosalyn Cooperman & Grace Deason)

Sarah Fulton -“What Underlies the Gendered Quality Gap?  The Role of Perceptions in Shaping the Supply of Female Candidates” (reviewers Melody Crowder-Meyer & Kira Sanbonmatsu)

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