Gender and Politics in the media

UK: Cameron’s prescription for NHS failings: target pay of nurses. Time for gender equality on peerages? Also: Gender equality eludes groundbreaking scientist.

The Downton dilemma: Is it time for gender equality on peerages? BBC News Royal succession laws are changing to stop sons being favoured over daughters. Is it time for the UK’s hereditary peerages to go the same way? Once the Succession to the Crown Bill, currently being fast tracked through Parliament, is passed, men will

David Cameron’s prescription for NHS failings: target pay of nurses The Guardian David Cameron wants nurses’ pay to be tied to how well they look after patients as part of changes to banish poor care in the NHS in response to the devastating findings of a report published on Wednesday into the Mid Staffordshire hospital scandal. The prime minister told MPs the change should reward nurses who provide excellent care as the government began considering the 290 far-reaching recommendations set out by inquiry chairman, Robert Francis QC, to improve patient safety and overhaul what he called a flawed, self-serving “NHS system”.

David Cameron has identified nurses as the key group of health professionals to improve patients’ experience of the NHS. Photograph: Andrew Cowie/AFP/Getty

Gender equality
The Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR) has announced the launch of a website ( to assist municipalities and regions working to promote gender equality at the local level. The site has been set up in the …

Gender equality eludes groundbreaking scientist The Globe and Mail Veronica Dahl isn’t the sort of person to get worked up over $17. But, back in 1984, when Simon Fraser University refused to reimburse her $17 for one hour of babysitting for her infant son while she gave a lecture at an out-of-town conference, the computer scientist was incensed. “Why isn’t babysitting an allowable expense?” Dr. Dahl recalls asking. Personal expenses don’t count, she was told. The response from the university dissatisfied her. “How is childcare more personal than the bed I sleep in?” she wondered. The response: having a child is a choice.

Fatyana’s proposals: Senate panel chief rejects 10% party tickets for women The Express Tribune Fatyana had also proposed that elections in the polling stations should be declared null and void in case there is less than 10% turnout of registered female voters. PML-N Senator Ishaq Dar, who presided over the special committee meeting, argued if

Women around the world fighting sexual violence … Video on Egyptian columnist Mona Eltahawy,’s Laura Flanders

Kenyan women struggle in politics Deutsche Welle Even getting elected to the Kenyan National Assembly is difficult for women, Rachel Yegon, who is hoping to be elected to parliament, told DW. She is a business woman from Kericho in western Kenya. And unlike most women in her country, Yegon is …

Trailblazers for women in Hong Kong politics South China Morning Post It reflects growing participation by women in politics at all levels – from district councils to senior government posts. But women politicians say the challenges remain as family responsibilities and traditional views about the role of women make life

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