Gender and Politics in the media

UK: Why are many academics on short-term contracts for years? US: In the debate over gun laws, two female archetypes have emerged.

Enhancing the Election of Women at NAS 26 min Susan Wessler, PhD, Distinguished Professor of Genetics, University of California, Riverside

Why are many academics on short-term contracts for years? The Guardian According to the latest data from the Higher Education Statistics Agency (Hesa), more than a third of the academic workforce is now on temporary, fixed-term contracts. Moreover, the official staffing statistics conveniently exclude the 82,000 academics employed in jobs such as hourly paid teaching, which are classed as “atypical”, so the real figures look much worse. While universities are jostling to present themselves as committed to “the student experience”, following the ramping up of fees, it is teaching staff who have been hit hardest. The number of teaching-only staff on temporary contracts went up by a third between 2009-10 and 2011-12.

Susan Walsh/AP – Gayle Trotter, senior fellow with the Independent Women’s Forum, left, sits next to National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre, in Washington, on Jan. 30, as she testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on gun violence.

Women take spotlight in gun control fight Washington Post In the increasingly confrontational debate over the nation’s gun laws, two female archetypes have emerged. There’s the grieving mother whose child was killed in a shooting and whose pleas for stricter regulation seem unassailable. And there’s the flinty mother who wants maximum firepower to take matters into her own hands to protect her brood. As Congress weighs President Obama’s agenda to toughen gun legislation, powerful lobbies on both sides of the issue are turning to women as leading spokespeople and symbols.

Does easier access to firearms make women safer … In a new article, Slate contributor Amanda Marcotte challenges the pro-gun testimony of Gayle Trotter during Senate hearings in which she advocated the need for women to have guns for self-defense.

Need for more female staff in electoral process stressed Frontier Post PESHAWAR (APP): Speakers at a consultative meeting organized jointly by Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) and UNDP here Sunday underlined the need for enhancement of women participation and increasing female staff in the election process with …

Tonga women urge government to work on gender equality Radio New Zealand International A Tongan women’s agency says the latest review of human rights by the United Nations is a wake up call for the government and civil society to speed up progress on gender equality and domestic violence laws. Tonga is the first Pacific country to …

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